Operation Ajay: Third batch of 197 Indians from Israel reached New Delhi, fourth flight left from Tel Aviv

Pankaj Prasad
Operation Ajay Third batch
Operation Ajay Third batch

An Indian citizen who returned from Israel said that we were living under the shadow of fear in Israel.

The operation for safe evacuation of Indian citizens under 'Operation Ajay' is going on amid the Israel-Hamas war. In this series, the third batch of Indians from Tel Aviv reached Delhi late in the night by a special flight. This batch includes 197 Indians. Union Minister Kaushal Kishore welcomed the Indian citizens evacuated from Israel at the airport. He said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is dedicated to serving the citizens of the country. Due to his dedication, the safe evacuation of Indian citizens from Israel is being done. Everyone is happy after returning to their country.

At the same time, an Indian citizen who returned from Israel said that we express our gratitude to the Indian government. We were living under the shadow of fear in Israel. We are grateful to the government for the Operation Ajay initiative. Indian citizen Preeti Sharma, who returned from Israel, thanked External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar for the 'Operation Ajay' initiative. He said, I think this is a very good initiative of the Government of India. I want to thank Foreign Minister Jaishankar for this initiative. I think India is one of the countries which first started the campaign to evacuate its citizens from Israel. Our family members are very happy. We are all very grateful for this.

Earlier, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said in a post on Twitter, Operation Ajay is going ahead. A new batch of 197 Indians are returning by special flight. The Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv had informed that two special flights would operate from Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport on Saturday. The first flight departed at around 5:40 pm local time. In which 197 passengers are on board. The second plane is set to take off at 11:00 pm local time and can carry 330 passengers. This flight will reach India early Sunday morning. Both these flights are of Air India and SpiceJet.

Fourth flight carrying 274 Indians departs from Israel

Amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, a special flight carrying 274 Indian citizens left for New Delhi late on Saturday night. This is the fourth flight under 'Operation Ajay' launched for the evacuation of Indians from Israel.

644 Indians have returned from Israel so far

Let us tell you, the second batch of 235 Indians from Israel reached Delhi Airport on Saturday morning. Whereas 212 Indians returned from the first flight. Thus far, 644 Indians have returned from Israel. The central government has launched Operation Ajay for people wishing to return home after the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.