Thousands of Palestinians left their homes, yearned for food and water, UN said - this is a serious humanitarian crisis

Pankaj Prasad
Israel Hamas War
Israel Hamas War

The United Nations relief agency operating in Palestine has expressed serious concern over the exodus from the northern Gaza Strip.

Israel has killed two top commanders of Hamas. One of them is Hamas Air Force chief Murad Abu Murad and the other is Hamas Commando Force commander Ali Qadi. During the massacre in southern Israel on October 7, Murad was directing the terrorists, while Ali Qadi was leading them. The Israeli Army said, all Hamas terrorists will meet the same fate.

The United Nations relief agency operating in Palestine has expressed serious concern over the exodus from the northern Gaza Strip. The entire region is moving towards a serious humanitarian tragedy, the agency said. Thousands of Palestinians have fled in the last 12 hours. The war has affected half the Gaza Strip's population of 2 million. At the same time, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, who was among the soldiers, called to be prepared for the next phase of war. Army spokesperson Lt. Colonel Jonathan Conricus said, those people of Gaza Strip who are not leaving after Israel's warning will be responsible for the safety of themselves and their families. Israeli forces have also attacked Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon. So far, more than 3,500 people from both sides have been killed in the war. These include more than 2,200 Palestinians and more than 1,300 Israelis. Thousands of people have been injured.

Gaza residents yearn for bread and water

Hamas' attack on Israel on Saturday last week is now costing heavily to the people of Gaza. Bombs are being rained on Gaza by the Israeli army and people there are now yearning for food, water and electricity. Iyad Abu Mutlaq, a resident of southern Gaza, says, there is no bread in the bakery, there is no water in the taps, there is no electricity. Everything is in danger here due to continuous attacks. Thousands of people are coming towards southern Gaza, due to which even the refugee camps are not finding space. There is crowd in hospitals also. There too, there is a huge crisis of essential things like food, drinking water and medicines.

Bread, eggs, rice, milk, nothing is available in Khan Yunis area of Gaza. Israeli attacks are raining bombs on one side and forcing people to starve on the other side. Israel has imposed a complete blockade in Gaza by stopping all facilities including food, water, electricity, internet. On the other hand, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has announced the complete destruction of Hamas. Gaza officials claim that Israel is also attacking cars and trucks carrying people fleeing south. So far, more than 2,200 Palestinians have died in Israeli attacks. Meanwhile, the United Nations has told Israel that if the situation continues like this, there will be unprecedented devastation in Gaza.

Philip Lazzarini, Commissioner General of the United Nations Relief Agency working in Palestine, said, more than 2 million people in the Gaza Strip are at risk of running out of water. People have to drink dirty water from wells, due to which the risk of diseases has increased. Three water purification plants in Gaza have shut down due to lack of fuel after Israel stopped supplies. These plants purified 21 million liters of water every day. There is no water supply in Gaza since October 9.

This is just the beginning, we will not forgive our enemies: Netanyahu

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said that his country will never forget and will not forgive the terrible acts committed by its enemies. He said, Israel is attacking its enemies with full force and the enemies have only just begun to pay the price. Netanyahu said, this is just the beginning of the resolve to root out Hamas, we will bring it to the end. “We will not allow the world or anyone to forget these horrors,” he said.

Order to evacuate northern Gaza extremely dangerous: Guterres

World body Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Israel's warning to about 1.1 million people in northern Gaza to leave the area within 24 hours is 'extremely dangerous'. This is absolutely not possible. He said, war also has some rules. The order also applies to all UN personnel and those taking shelter in UN facilities, including schools, health centers and clinics. Guterres said it is dangerous to ask more than 1 million people in a densely populated war zone to go to places without food and water.