Israel-Hamas War: Netanyahu met the families of those missing and taken hostage in the war, hugged and consoled

Pankaj Prasad
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu's office tweeted that PM Netanyahu today met the families of detainees and missing people.

The war continues between Hamas and Israel. During this period, a total of 1300 people of Israel died and hundreds of people went missing. Many people have been taken hostage by Hamas terrorists. Meanwhile, the Israeli Prime Minister met the families of the missing and those taken hostage. After talking to the family members, the PM consoled them.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's office informed about the meeting with the victims' families on Twitter. Netanyahu's office tweeted that PM Netanyahu today met the families of detainees and missing people. The group of victims' relatives said after the meeting that the Prime Minister has vowed that he will reunite our loved ones with us as soon as possible. He will be brought back soon. Additionally, people said after the meeting that Netanyahu acknowledged that he did not support the comments of National Security Council head Tzachi Hanegbi. Let us tell you, recently Hanegbi had said that Israel will never talk to the enemy whom we have sworn to eradicate from the earth.

Grief of family members

A press conference was held in Tel Aviv on Saturday, in which a relative of the missing persons said that my cousin sister, along with her children aged nine months and four years, were taken away from the house by terrorists. They are all innocent. Hamas is a terrorist organization. We want him to be brought back alive to us as soon as possible.

The family members have demonstrated

According to media reports, recently the family members had demonstrated in Tel-Aviv city of Israel. The protesters had placards in their hands. They were raising slogans. He called on the Israeli government to release women and children held hostage by Hamas. A youth participating in the protest said that the Israeli government should talk to Hamas so that the people held hostage can be released. The government should make every possible effort to free the hostages. If there is a need for exchange of prisoners then it can be implemented.