Support of Operation Ajay in times of crisis, Foreign Minister told- 286 more passengers return, 18 people from Nepal

Pankaj Prasad
Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar
Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar

Amid the ongoing violent conflict with Hamas in Israel, the process of bringing Indian citizens home safely continues.

There are reports of deaths of thousands of people amid unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Israel and Gaza Strip. The fighting that started on October 7 is continuing. People are running to save their lives. Thousands of citizens of India also live in Israel. The Government of India is running Operation Ajay for their return home.

Return of 286 citizens, Foreign Minister's statement

For the rescue of people trapped in war-torn and sensitive areas of Israel, passengers are being airlifted to India under Operation Ajay under the supervision of the Ministry of External Affairs. Foreign Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar said that 286 citizens are being brought to India under Operation Ajay.

286 passengers will be airlifted under Operation Ajay

Foreign Minister Jaishankar said that Operation Ajay is going on continuously. 286 passengers are being brought to India. There will also be 18 Nepali citizens in the plane. Let us tell you that thousands of people have been killed so far in the war that has been going on for the last 11 days. There are also reports of deaths of a large number of people in Israel's military action against the terrorist organization Hamas.

Crisis on 2 million Palestine Refugees Amid War

Amidst the news of major action by Israeli army on Gaza Strip, reports are claiming that Palestinian refugees are in trouble. According to international media reports, about 2 million people are waiting for humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip. However, due to the kind of action taken by Israel, even basic things like electricity and water of hospitals have become a crisis.