People in Gaza Strip are wearing special bracelets on their children, knowing the reason will fill your heart with joy

Pankaj Prasad
A girl wearing a bracelet in Israel
A girl wearing a bracelet in Israel

The horrors of war are so cruel that human life has no value and those who die become just numbers.

The horrors of war are so cruel that human life has no value and those who die become just numbers. The same is being seen in the Gaza Strip, where so far more than six thousand people have died in Israeli shelling. Due to such large scale deaths, people in the Gaza Strip are being buried in mass graves without identification. A Palestinian citizen said that the dead bodies are being buried by giving them numbers instead of names. Now some families in the Gaza Strip have started making their relatives wear bracelets of special colors so that in case of their death in an Israeli attack, the body can be identified from the bracelet.

So far 6500 people have died in Gaza

Let us tell you that on October 7, Hamas terrorists had entered the Israeli border and killed 1400 people. In response to this barbaric attack, Israel launched a war against Hamas and started bombing the Gaza Strip. So far, 6500 people have died in Gaza Strip due to Israel's attack and thousands of people are injured. Ali al-Dabaa (40 years old), who lives in the Gaza Strip, says that he has seen mutilated bodies of people in the bombing, which are difficult to even identify. In such a situation, he has decided to keep his family separate so that his entire family does not get wiped out in one attack. Ali told that he is living in the northern area of Gaza Strip with his wife, two sons and two daughters. Ali himself is living in Khan Younis area with his three children.

People wearing bracelets to identify their relatives

Ali told that he is preparing himself for bad times and has made all his family members wear blue bracelets on both their hands. Explaining the reason for this, Ali said that 'if their family members die in any attack, they will be able to identify their dead bodies with the help of these bracelets.' Now many other Palestinian families are also doing the same and making their children and other relatives wear bracelets. Let us tell you that in Gaza Strip, blood samples and photographs of dead bodies are being taken and buried in mass graves on the basis of numbers.

The Israeli Army has advised people living in the Gaza Strip to move south so that they do not suffer harm in the attack. However, despite this, civilians are being killed on a large scale in the Gaza Strip because Hamas terrorists have established their bases in residential areas. In such a situation, in case of attacks on terrorist targets, common citizens are also falling prey to it. On Wednesday, 756 people died in Gaza in a single day, including 344 children.