UP: Policemen above 50 years of age will be screened and will be compulsorily retired

Pankaj Prasad
UP Police
UP Police

Screening orders for compulsory retirement of personnel above 50 years of age have been issued in all branches of police.

Screening of personnel above 50 years of age for compulsory retirement will be done in all branches of police including PAC.

In the order issued in this regard by the DGP Headquarters, it has been said that those employees who have completed 50 years of age or more on March 31, 2023, will be screened for compulsory retirement.

In this regard, heads of all branches have been asked to send information by 20th November.

After coming to power, the Yogi government had talked about organizing screening to check the efficiency of the employees. Under this, screening of employees associated with police and all its related branches is being done.

In November 2019, the Yogi government took a big decision and forcibly retired seven officers of the provincial police service. This decision was taken on the report of the screening committee.

This step of the government is being seen as a warning to the government employees. Serious cases had come to light against retired officers. The age of the officers was 50 years or more.