Hamas: Political controversy broke out over Hamas leader's participation in Kerala rally, know who is Khaled Mashal

Pankaj Prasad
Hamas leader Khaled Mashal
Hamas leader Khaled Mashal

According to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Khaled Mashal is currently living in Qatar and his net worth is 4 billion dollar.

A rally was organized in support of Palestine in Malappuram, Kerala. This rally was organized by Solidarity Youth Movement, the youth wing of Jamaat-e-Islami, but this rally is embroiled in a major controversy. In fact, a big leader of the terrorist organization Hamas participated virtually in this rally. This leader of Hamas is Khaled Mashal. BJP leaders have targeted the opposition alliance and the Kerala government on this issue.

Know who is Khaled Mashal

Khaled Mashal, who participated virtually in the Kerala rally, is one of the founding members of Hamas and was its president until 2017. Khaled Mashal was one of the prominent leaders of Hamas for many years. According to the BBC report, Khaled Mashal was born in the West Bank area of Palestine and lived in Jordan and Kuwait for most of his life. While living outside Palestine, Khaled Mashal was made the political head of Hamas in 2004. Mashal himself never lived in Gaza and always operated Hamas from Jordan, Syria, Qatar and Egypt. According to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Khaled Mashal is currently living in Qatar and his net worth is $4 billion.

Controversy broke out over the presence of Hamas leader in the rally

As soon as the video of the speech given by the Hamas leader at the Kerala rally surfaced on social media, there was controversy over it. In fact, on the posters that were written in the rally, it was written 'Bulldozer uproot Hindutva and apartheid Zionism.' People expressed a lot of displeasure over this on social media. Kerala BJP President K Surendran said that it is very shocking that a terrorist organization is being glorified under the guise of saving Palestine. K Surendran raised questions on the state government that where was the Kerala Police when the Hamas leader addressed the rally? The leaders of Hamas are being described as warriors, this cannot be accepted at all.

Kerala BJP Vice President VT Rema said, 'This news is shocking that in a secular country like India, an Islamic terrorist organization has shown its true face. Everyone knows that Hamas attacked Israel. State president of the organization which organized the rally, Suhaib CT, said that 'Hamas leader addressing the rally is not a crime and Hamas does not even operate from India. We held a rally in support of the people of Palestine and the leader of Hamas participated in it. There is nothing unusual in this.

Suhaib also said that 'Hamas leaders have addressed people in Kerala earlier also. Hamas is a resistance movement and has won many seats in the elections. Israel's Ambassador to India Naor Gilan also expressed surprise and disappointment at the Hamas leader's address at the Kerala rally.