Israel War: Israel bombs refugee camp, 50 killed, two IDF soldiers killed in Gaza

Pankaj Prasad
Israel Hamas War
Israel Hamas War

Two Israeli Defense Force soldiers have died due to Hamas attack in Gaza.

The war between Israel and Hamas continues, in which more than nine and a half thousand people have died so far. Meanwhile, Palestine's Health Ministry said that Israel attacked the Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza. 50 people died in the attack and more than 150 people were injured. However, till now no statement has come from Israel regarding this attack. At the same time, Hamas terrorists have also killed Israeli army soldiers in Gaza. Let us tell you, the Israeli people have filed an appeal in the International Criminal Court against the kidnappings and killings.

Egypt-Jordan condemned

According to media reports, Egypt has described Israeli air strikes as inhumane. Egypt said that this attack is a violation of international laws. Israel attacks hospitals, refugee camps. Egypt urged the international community to intervene to stop Israeli attacks and provide humanitarian aid to Gaza residents. Apart from Egypt, Jordan also strongly condemned the Israeli attack. At the same time, Saudi Arabia said that Israeli security forces are repeatedly attacking the areas where there are civilians. This is wrong.

Two 20 year old Israeli soldiers died

According to media reports, two Israeli Defense Force soldiers have died due to Hamas attack in Gaza. The IDF identified the dead soldiers as Sergeant Ramat Gan and Sergeant Roi Wolfe. Both the soldiers were only 20 years old. The IDF says both soldiers have been killed in northern Gaza. The families of the deceased have been informed.

Israeli army destroyed terrorist post

The IDF said that Israeli forces are fighting a fierce battle against Hamas terrorists inside the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army attacked Hamas terrorist posts located in northern Gaza, killing dozens of terrorists. The army has also seized many explosive devices from here, which include many modern war equipment including anti-tank missiles, launching cells. Israeli Defense Forces have claimed to have killed Ibrahim Biari, commander of Hamas's Central Jabaliya Battalion, in an attack on a refugee camp. At the same time, Hamas says that none of its leaders were present in the camp.

These three reasons for the attack

Hamas said that this is revenge for Israel's desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Hamas said that Israeli police had desecrated the Al-Aqsa Mosque by throwing a grenade at it in April 2023. The Israeli army is continuously attacking and encroaching on Hamas positions. Israeli army is attacking our women. Hamas spokesperson Ghazi Hamad has appealed to Arab countries to break all their relations with Israel. Hamas said that Israel can never be a good neighbor and a peaceful country.