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Israel Hamas: Despite American efforts, the risk of fighting increases, four killed in Lebanon in Israeli attack

Pankaj Prasad
Israeli attack on Gaza Strip
Israeli attack on Gaza Strip

Gaza's Health Ministry has said that 47 people have died in Gaza in one night due to Israeli attack.

Efforts are being made by America to stop the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas from spreading throughout West Asia, but the situation is continuously worsening. In fact, along with Gaza, now there is a possibility of Lebanon also falling into the trap of this war. In fact, Hezbollah has claimed that four people have died in Lebanon in the Israeli attack, including three children. Hezbollah has threatened to give a befitting reply to Israel.

Israeli army surrounds Gaza

Israeli army spokesperson has said that they have surrounded Gaza city from all sides. The Israeli army has reached the coastal area in the southern part of Gaza. Gaza's Health Ministry has said that 47 people have died in Gaza in one night due to Israeli attack. Among those who died, 21 people are said to be from the same family. These also include women and children. The Israeli Army says on these allegations that they are gathering information about it.

Hezbollah's threat to Israel

Hezbollah has said that a car was hit by Israel's attack on Lebanon, in which three children and their grandmother were tragically killed. The Israeli military has said it has struck Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon after a Hezbollah attack killed an Israeli civilian. The Israeli army has said that a Hezbollah drone has also been shot down. Hezbollah has said that it will not tolerate attacks on its citizens and will give a strong response. More than 11 thousand people have died so far in the fight between Israel and Hamas. Of these, more than 1400 people have been killed in Israel, while so far 9770 people have been killed in Gaza Strip due to Israeli attacks.

Ceasefire efforts intensified

America is trying to prevent the war in West Asia from escalating and for this the US Secretary of State is continuously visiting the countries of West Asia and meeting the top leaders there. On Sunday, the US Secretary of State suddenly reached the West Bank and met the Palestinian President there. In this meeting the Palestinian President appealed for a ceasefire. However, Israel's Prime Minister has said that he has no plans for a ceasefire because Hamas may benefit if there is a ceasefire.