Punjab: AAP MLA who announced to take one rupee salary arrested, ED caught in fraud of Rs 41 crore

Pankaj Prasad
AAP MLA Jaswant Singh Gajjanmajra arrested
AAP MLA Jaswant Singh Gajjanmajra arrested

Enforcement Directorate (ED) officials on Monday arrested AAP MLA Jaswant Singh Gajjanmajra from Amargarh assembly constituency of Sangrur in a fraud case of Rs 41 crore.

Enforcement Directorate (ED) officials on Monday arrested AAP MLA Jaswant Singh Gajjanmajra from Amargarh assembly constituency of Sangrur in a fraud case of Rs 41 crore. Gajjan Majra is the same MLA who, citing the poor financial condition of Punjab, had announced to take a salary of only one rupee. When he was arrested, he was holding a meeting with newly appointed block presidents in the party office. After his arrest, he was given medical treatment at the Civil Hospital.

This action has been taken against him in the case registered by CBI. A case was registered against him for fraud of Rs 41 crore and Prevention of Money Laundering Act on the complaint of Ludhiana branch of Bank of India. Last year, in May 2022, CBI and in September 2022, ED had also raided his house and other premises in Amargarh, in which Rs 16.57 lakh in cash was found. Apart from this, 88 foreign currency notes, property documents, several bank accounts and other documents were also recovered.

The CBI had registered an FIR against Tara Corporation Limited (changed name of Malodh Agro Limited) and others based at Gaunspura in Gajjanmajra, Malerkotla, on the complaint of Bank of India, Ludhiana branch. In his election affidavit in 2022, Gajjanamajra had declared assets worth more than Rs 19 crore and zero liabilities. Apart from being an investor in the agriculture sector, MLA Gajjanmajra is also a big businessman associated with real estate, education, hospitality, seed and fodder industry.

Took loan from banks but used it elsewhere

The ED had raided the premises of Tara Haveli, Tara Convent School, Tara Golden Homes in Sangrur and Tara Feed Industries in Malerkotla in September last year. Sources revealed that Tara Corporation Limited is the parent company of all these business ventures and is owned by Gajjanamajra, his brothers and other family members. His family members had taken several loans between 2011 and 2014 but as per the investigation by ED and CBI, the loans were not used for the purpose for which the money was taken from the bank. Gajjanamajra was one of the directors of the companies at the time the loan was taken.

The firm hid its stocks through its directors and manipulated the loans with ill intentions. Due to this the bank suffered a loss of about Rs 40.92 crore. Gajjanamajra has been brought to the ED office in Jalandhar and is being interrogated. It is noteworthy that only a week ago, ED had raided the house of AAP MLA Kulwant Singh from Mohali. A week later, ED has arrested AAP MLA in Punjab. This action was taken at a time when Aam Aadmi Party is creating hue and cry over ED's action.

Workers scuffled with the team

According to sources, two officers of the ED team in plain clothes reached the PA of Gajjanmajra and told him that Ludhiana MLA Kulwant Singh had sent them for a meeting with the MLA. In this way he entered the office. Then four more members of the team came and convinced Gajanmajra to talk alone. During this, when the party workers became suspicious, they also scuffled with the team.

Majithiya said – All the rags will know…all the rags will know

Senior Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leader Bikram Singh Majithia also took a dig at the arrest of AAP MLA Jaswant Singh Gajjanmajra. He posted on social media that another wicket fell for the party that calls itself staunchly honest. Amargarh AAP MLA Jaswant Singh Gajjanmajra has been arrested by ED. Don't worry, Lala ji Kejriwal Sahib, your number is also to be given, preparations are also being made for the people of Punjab. At last he ended his speech by writing the lyrics of the Punjabi song Saare Phade Jaanege…Saare Phade Jaanege….