Yogi government took a big decision on 6 lakh electricity thieves, this much percent discount will be given on the fine

Pankaj Prasad
CM Yogi Adityanath
CM Yogi Adityanath

Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has given big relief to electricity thieves.

The state government has given relief to the people caught stealing electricity. 65 percent discount is being given on interest and penalty on their bills. Such consumers can be free from legal action by paying only 35 percent of the fine.

However, the benefit of this discount will be available only if they register at their regional sub-centre and pay 35 percent of the amount by 30th November. Around six lakh consumers across the state have been caught stealing electricity.

Energy Minister AK Sharma on Wednesday launched the One Time Solution Scheme (OTS) of the Power Corporation at the Cantt substation of Lucknow. He handed over the electricity bill to Meera, a resident of Cantonment area, who was the first to register for interest waiver at the Cantt sub-centre, giving her the benefit of exemption. He asked the engineers and employees to inform them about the scheme and provide them the benefit of exemption, in whose homes and shops electricity theft was detected and fines were pending.

In the program, Managing Director of Madhyanchal Electricity Distribution Corporation Bhavani Singh, Khangaraut, Director Commerce Yogesh Kumar, Chief Engineer Sis Gomti Rajat Juneja, Superintending Engineer RP Kane, Executive Engineer DKD Dwivedi, SDO Saurabh Chaudhary and JE Ashok Kumar along with former Vice President of Cantonment Board. Pramod Sharma, BJP Cantonment Board President Dr. Ranjita Sharma, former councilor Sanjay Dayal etc. were present.

Tehsil's recovery notice will be withdrawn

The Energy Minister said that the responsibility of recovery from those who have outstanding electricity theft fines for a long time has been handed over to the Tehsil. The defaulters who have received recovery notice from the tehsil should not worry.
As soon as they register to get exemption from the penalty for electricity theft, if any notice has been issued by the Tehsil Recovery and Police Department, it will be returned. In case of electricity theft, the applicant will have to deposit 10 percent of the fine at the time of registration and 25 percent later.

Ram Vishal freed from electricity theft for Rs 45 thousand

The fine of Ram Vishal, who was caught in electricity theft last month in Uttarethia sub-centre area, was fixed at around Rs 1.30 lakh. On the first day of Power Corporation's OTS scheme, Ram Vishal was freed from this fine of Rs 45 thousand in the case of electricity theft. However, he will deposit the fine amount on Thursday.