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Rave party: Admitted contact with Fazilpuria and Elvish, important revelations of snake charmers on remand

Pankaj Prasad
Elvish Yadav
Elvish Yadav

The snake charmers have made important revelations in the matter of supply of snake venom in the rave party.

The five accused sent to jail in the Elvish Yadav case, accused of organizing a rave party and supplying snake venom, have revealed many secrets during police interrogation. The accused have confessed to having contact with Fazilpuria and Elvish.

The 54-hour police custody remand of the accused started at 10 am on Friday. Police officers are continuously interrogating the accused on other aspects including rave party, poison, talking to Elvish and foreign girls.

It is being told that during interrogation, Rahul and others have admitted to attending the party organized at different places in Gurugram. The accused told the police that the biggest party took place in Singer Fazilpuriya's village Fazilpur.

The accused have talked about talking to Elvish through a mediator. Noida Police is interrogating the accused at some secret place. Police are questioning the accused on the basis of electronic evidence. Rahul told the police that he had had a party in Gurugram. The accused had gone to a bean party organized in Fazilpur village along with a snake.

The police can bring the accused taken on remand and Elvish face to face. However, Elvish has declared himself ill. In such a situation, Elvish and other accused could not come face to face on Friday. There is still a lot of time left for the remand period.

There is a possibility that on Saturday the police will confront Elvish and other accused during this period. A panel of advocates also came in favor of the accused who were on remand.