Now government officials will not be called 'Sahib', Supreme Court bans the use of the word

Pankaj Prasad
Supreme Court of Pakistan
Supreme Court of Pakistan

Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa has banned the word 'Sahib' from being used for government officials.

Government officials will no longer be addressed as 'Sahib' in Pakistan. In fact, Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa has banned the word 'Sahib' from being used for government officials.

Officers become unaccountable by saying Sahib

In his two-page order, the Chief Justice said that the word 'Sahib' unnecessarily elevates the status of officers and gives them a feeling of not being accountable to the public.

Jesus said that it is not right to add the word 'Sahib' to someone's verse. This creates an illusion of pride among the officers and creates the appearance of unaccountability. All this is not unacceptable because it is against the interests of those they are meant to serve.

Advocate General had said 'DSP Sahib'

The Chief Justice's order came while he was hearing a petition filed in connection with the murder of a child in Peshawar last year. He also mentioned in the judgment that the Advocate General of Khyber-Pakhtunkha province had addressed a local police sub-inspector as 'DSP Sahib'.

The court issued a strong rebuke

During the hearing, the Chief Justice Advocate General was also reprimanded. He said, 'You have spoiled everything by calling him Sahib. He is a DSP or an incompetent DSP and not a Sahib.

Decision came in this matter

Judge Isa also noted that the challan in the case was based on just two statements and lacked a proper investigation.

Let us tell you that the Pakistani Supreme Court granted bail in the case and it was said that the police did not conduct any investigation to find the person responsible for the death of the child. This is a perfect example of poor investigation.