A new crisis is facing the world emerging from the Covid, this mysterious disease is spreading rapidly in China

Pankaj Prasad
New disease spreading in China
New disease spreading in China

There has been a sudden increase in the number of sick children admitted to hospitals in Beijing and Liaoning.

China is still struggling with Coronavirus cases. Meanwhile, another disease is spreading rapidly here. An outbreak of mysterious pneumonia is spreading in the schools here. Due to this, the number of children being admitted to hospitals is increasing rapidly. This worrying situation is reminiscent of the early days of the Covid crisis. Seeing the rapid increase in the number of patients, health officials have become worried. Most of the children are falling victim to this disease. 

Schools are about to close...

There has been a sudden increase in the number of sick children being admitted to hospitals in Beijing and Liaoning, 500 miles northeast. Health officials here said that due to more admitted patients, there is immense pressure on the hospital's resources. Media reports suggest that schools are set to close due to the outbreak.

Symptoms of this mysterious disease

1. Swelling in the lungs of children
2. Many unusual symptoms including high fever have been found.
However, cough, flu, RSV and other symptoms related to respiratory diseases are not found in the children affected by this.

WHO asked for information

At the same time, on the increasing risk of pneumonia, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that people should follow various guidelines to reduce the risk of this respiratory disease. Also, WHO has made an official request to China to provide more information for detailed information on the cluster of pneumonia in children. WHO said that since mid-October, there has been an increase in influenza-like illness in northern China compared to the same period in the last three years.

The disease can turn into an epidemic

Open-access surveillance platform ProMed has said on this pneumonia spreading in China that this disease, which especially affects children, can also turn into an epidemic. A PROMED alert issued in late December 2019 gave a warning about a new virus. It was later identified as SARS-CoV-2. ProMed said the report warns of a widespread outbreak of an unknown respiratory disease. It is not clear exactly when this outbreak began. But it is not normal for so many children to be affected so quickly. The report said that it is too early to predict whether this could be another epidemic, but we should take precautions now.