Gujarat: On asking for salary, a young man was forced to pick up sandals from his mouth, the act of a businesswoman

Pankaj Prasad
Owner of Raniba Industries Pvt Ltd
Owner of Raniba Industries Pvt Ltd

In the beginning of October, the woman had given a job to the Dalit man in the company with a salary of Rs 12,000.

Gujarat's Morbi city police have registered a case against at least six others, including a businesswoman, for attacking a 21-year-old Dalit man. Actually, the Dalit man worked in the same company as the woman. This incident happened on Wednesday, when the woman forced the man to apologize by holding his shoes in his mouth when he asked for her salary.

The owner beats up the disabled person

Victim Nilesh Dalsania lodged a complaint against the woman at Morbi city police station. The woman has been identified as Vibhuti Patel alias Raniba. Other accused also include the woman's brother Om Prakash and company manager Parikshit. Vibhuti Patel is the owner of Raniba Industries Private Limited. In the beginning of October, he had given a job to the Dalit man in the company with a salary of Rs 12,000.

The woman fired the man from the company on October 18. After this, when the victim asked for money for working for 16 days, the woman stopped picking up his calls. When the victim went to the company with his brother and a person from the neighborhood to collect money, the woman's brother Om Prakash came there with some of his associates and started assaulting all three. The woman also slapped the victim and dragged him to the company shed. The manager of the accused company, the woman's brother and some unknown people started beating her with belts.

The victim said in his complaint that Vibhuti Patel forcefully asked him to apologize by putting his shoes in his mouth. He also threatened to kill the victim. They also made a short video in which the victim was forcefully asked to come to Vibhuti Patel's office to recover the money. In one video, the victim is being forced to apologize after demanding salary from the woman.

After returning home, the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment. Where her treatment is going on. A case has been registered against all the accused under various sections of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. At present, investigation into this case is going on and no one has been arrested yet.