Standing on the verge of poverty, Pakistan will spend 35 crores to make artificial rain in Lahore

Pankaj Prasad
Air pollution in Lahore
Air pollution in Lahore

Pakistan has been facing a deep economic crisis for a long time.

Pakistan has been facing a deep economic crisis for a long time. Despite this, he is planning artificial rain in Lahore to reduce air pollution by spending about Rs 35 crore. For this he is preparing to take help from China. The capital of the country's Punjab province is currently one of the most polluted cities in the world. This information has been given in local media reports.

On Friday, Lahore once again stood first in the world in terms of air pollution. The average air quality index (AQI) in the provincial capital was recorded at 356, state news agency Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) reported, quoting meteorological department sources.

Lahore in Pakistan and Delhi in India have been the world's most polluted cities during the winter season for recent years. Incidentally, the Delhi government has also announced the possibility of artificial rain to reduce air pollution.
Media outlet 'The News International' on Friday quoted Finance Ministry sources as saying, 'As part of its efforts to deal with the severe level of smog in Lahore, the Punjab government is planning to provide artificial rain in the provincial capital. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 35 crore.

Earlier this week, Chief Meteorologist Chaudhary Aslam had said that there is a possibility of artificial rain in Lahore next month and preparations are underway for it. He had said that the government is intensifying its efforts to curb fog.
At the same time, a report in 'The Express Tribune' newspaper said that the Punjab government has sought advice from experts to finalize a comprehensive plan of artificial rain to deal with smog. The newspaper quoted Punjab's interim Information Minister Aamir Mir as saying that the matter has been resolved with Chinese experts, as cloud seeding is the most effective method.