China: 'China will reunite Taiwan with itself', Xi Jinping's warning to US President Biden

Pankaj Prasad
Joe Biden and Xi Jinping
Joe Biden and Xi Jinping

Three current and former US officials said Xi had warned Biden during the recent summit in San Francisco.

China considers Taiwan as its own and wants to reunify it with the mainland. Now Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned his American counterpart Joe Biden regarding this. Without setting a time frame, Xi has talked about reunifying Taiwan with China.

To be taken peacefully

According to a foreign media report, three current and former US officials said that Xi had warned Biden during the recent summit in San Francisco. In the meeting, Xi told Biden that China's priority was to take Taiwan not by force but peacefully.

Plan to capture in next few years

In addition, the Chinese President also referred to public statements made by US military leaders, which said that Xi plans to annex Taiwan in 2025 or 2027.

This demand was made

According to the report, Chinese officials also asked before the summit that Biden make a public statement after the meeting saying he supports China's goal of peaceful unification with Taiwan. Also do not support Taiwan independence. However, according to the report, the White House had rejected China's request.

Towards Taiwan...

When a spokesperson of the National Security Council was asked about this, he refused to comment. However, Xi's private warning is not a far cry from his previous public comments. But this time it got more attention from American officials because it was given at a time when China's behavior towards Taiwan is becoming increasingly aggressive.