Deepfake Advisory: Government issued advisory amid increasing concerns of deepfakes, said this to social media companies

Pankaj Prasad
AI Deepfake Scam
AI Deepfake Scam

The IT Ministry has given instructions to social media platforms related to deepfakes.

Content that is not permitted under IT rules should be clearly informed to users. The IT Ministry has given instructions regarding this to social media platforms. The government has issued an advisory to all social media platforms to follow IT rules amid growing concerns over deepfakes.

This advisory has been issued by the government after discussions held by Minister of State for IT Rajiv Chandrashekhar with the mediators. According to the advisory, “Content not permitted under the IT rules, especially the content listed under Rule 3(1)(b) should be communicated to the users clearly and in precise language.

This was said in the advisory

The advisory emphasizes that digital intermediaries should ensure that users are informed about the penal provisions including the IPC and the IT Act 2000. Additionally, the advisory states that terms of service and user agreements should clearly state that intermediaries or platforms are obliged to report legal violations to law enforcement agencies under relevant Indian laws.

"Under Rule 3(1)(b) under the Due Diligence section of the IT Rules, it is mandatory for these platforms to disclose their rules, regulations, privacy policy and user agreement in the user's preferred language," the advisory said. "