Las Vegas: Disabled person had to be dragged down from the plane, now Air Canada will pay compensation of Rs 81 lakh

Pankaj Prasad
Rodney Hodgins
Rodney Hodgins

Rodney Hodgins and his wife Deanna Hodgins went to Las Vegas in August to celebrate their anniversary.

Air Canada may have finally realized what a big mistake it had made. The Canadian Transport Agency has imposed a fine of $97,500 (Rs 81,20,867). In fact, in August, a woman had posted on social media how she and her disabled husband, who cannot walk, were mistreated. The disabled man was forced to drag himself down from the plane.

Rodney Hodgins, a 49-year-old hardware salesman from British Columbia, and his wife, Deanna Hodgins, went to Las Vegas in August to celebrate their wedding anniversary. There he had to get down from an Air Canada plane. On this the woman asked for a wheelchair for her disabled husband. On this the attendant refused saying that a wheelchair would not be available. Let us tell you, the person has spastic cerebral palsy, due to which he needs a wheelchair.

The attendant insisted...

The couple initially thought that the flight attendant was joking, but after a while they realized that it was not a joke. The attendant insisted that he had to deplane himself. The couple said the flight attendant asked them if they could go to the front of the plane and disembark. On this Hodgins said, 'I can't walk. I will need a wheelchair. I can't come by myself.'

no help was given

Even after this the couple was not provided any help. However, Hodgins ultimately decided that he would try to land the plane himself. He was forced to use his upper body strength and drag himself down 12 flights of stairs. Not only this, the man's wife was holding his legs.

The man told that the flight attendant asked him to get off the plane for the second time, so he got up and told his wife, 'Lift my legs and I started dragging myself down from the plane.'

Incident reported on social media

The woman had narrated her ordeal by posting on social media. He said, 'It was a very embarrassing moment. Everyone was looking at us strangely. Hodgins' leg was injured, while my back was injured.' He said that more than the injury, we suffered emotional injury. My husband is very good and this should not have happened to him.

He said, 'We had to pass through the strange looks of a dozen people to get off the plane. Some people looked from a distance and some looked shyly. My husband's human rights were trampled and Air Canada did not respond to us.'

accepted in november

However, Air Canada later apologized to Hodgins and acknowledged in November that it had violated Canadian disability rules. In a new statement Friday, Air Canada said it is continuing to work to resolve the shortage.