Gaza: Treatment is being done in only 15 hospitals out of 36; WHO worried about deepening humanitarian crisis amid war

Pankaj Prasad
Israel Hamas War
Israel Hamas War

The violent conflict between Israel and Hamas has been going on for more than two and a half months

After the terrorist attacks by the terrorist organization Hamas in Israel on October 7, the counter-attack by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continues in the Gaza Strip. WHO has said that the population of Gaza is in 'grave crisis' amid the war that has been going on for more than two and a half months. WHO said only 15 of the 36 hospitals in the Gaza Strip are functioning. The shortage of medical supplies in hospitals is also worrying.

Gaza's population in 'serious crisis'

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) cited intense hunger and desperation in the war-torn Palestinian territory. In a warning issued on Wednesday, the organization's head Tedros Gebreyes said that the population of Gaza is in 'grave crisis'. He called on the international community to take immediate action to ease the serious crisis in Gaza. According to WHO assessments, 13 hospitals are partially functioning in Gaza. Two operate with very limited facilities. 21 hospitals are completely at a standstill.

Millions of people struggling with hunger, medical supplies also disrupted

The WHO chief said human rights activists need to step up to help people at risk of serious injuries, acute hunger and disease. WHO said people struggling with hunger stopped their convoy in the hope of finding food. Due to this, medicines and medical supplies in hospitals are continuously being disrupted.

UN calls for uninterrupted humanitarian aid; not effective on ground

The safety of WHO staff, as well as the continuity of medical supplies to hospitals, depend on more food being delivered immediately across Gaza, the WHO chief said. Last week a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution called for 'large-scale, safe and unhindered humanitarian assistance'. He said that this proposal is a ray of hope from the point of view of humanitarian aid, but it has not yet had any impact on the ground level.

More than 60 thousand people in two hospitals

WHO teams on Tuesday visited two hospitals - al-Shifa in the north and al-Amal Palestine Red Crescent Society in the south. Its purpose was to provide medical supplies and assess the ground situation. According to WHO, 50,000 people have reportedly taken refuge in Al-Shifa. 14,000 people are in al-Amal. There is an urgent need to protect civilians from violence and to restore hospital infrastructure.