After rescuing the crew from the hijacked ship, now the Navy is in search of pirates, from drones to warships in search

Pankaj Prasad
Indian Navy rescued hijacked ship
Indian Navy rescued hijacked ship

The attempted hijacking of the ship comes at a time when concerns are growing over Houthi militants stepping up attacks on merchant ships in the Red Sea amid the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The wisdom and bravery of the Indian Navy is being praised everywhere. After rescuing all 21 people trapped in a hijacked ship in the North Arabian Sea on Friday, the Navy is now busy searching for the pirates. For this, it is investigating suspicious ships.

Robbers disappear after warning

It is noteworthy that the Marcos Commando of the Navy had said that they had received information that there were five to six armed people on board the ship, about whom there is no information. After searching for the ship, INS Chennai surrounded the kidnapped ship near the coast of Somalia in the Arabian Sea at around 3:15 pm on Friday. At the same time, the soldiers surrounded the ship and warned the pirates to abandon the ship. After that, Marcos commandos of the Indian Navy landed on the hijacked ship and searched it and found that no pirates were present there.

Navy in search of robbers

In such a situation, it seems that when they saw a large number of soldiers, they ran away from there in the darkness of the night due to fear. However, the Indian Navy is not sitting comfortably in this matter right now. It has deployed warships, maritime patrol aircraft P-8I and helicopters along with long-range Predator MQ9B drones in the sea to search for pirates.

Let us tell you, at present, the Indian Navy's warship INS Chennai is present near the cargo ship MV Leela Norfolk. The ship is being restored to power generation and navigation systems to help it begin its journey to the next port.

Slogans raised in praise of Bharat Mata

Earlier, the Indian Navy shared a video of the rescued Indians. In this, an Indian is seen saying that he is feeling very good. Whereas, another said that he was in fear for 24 hours. Now we have got relief. Meanwhile, a person said that we all feel proud of the Indian Navy. Then everyone shouted slogans of 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' in unison.