Indigo: When pilot announced delay in flight, passenger attacked him, video went viral, investigation instituted

Pankaj Prasad
Passenger attacked pilot
Passenger attacked pilot

A passenger became so angry over the delay in taking off of a flight in Delhi due to bad weather that he attacked the flight captain.

The process of flight delays continues due to bad weather. Meanwhile, a passenger became so angry over the delay in taking off of a plane in Delhi that he attacked the captain of the flight. A video of this incident is going viral on social media.

Passenger attacked pilot

In this video the man can be seen punching the pilot. The aviation security agency has taken cognizance of the incident and started investigating the matter. It is reported that this incident happened when the pilot was informing the passengers on the microphone about the delay of the flight from Delhi to Goa due to fog. During this time the passenger punched the pilot.

This incident happened at 1 o'clock on Sunday afternoon. The passenger has been identified as Sahil Kataria. Delhi Police said on this incident, 'We will take appropriate legal action against the accused.' Indigo has also filed a complaint against the passenger.

People appealed to put the passenger in the no-fly list

As soon as the video of this incident went viral, people's reactions came to the fore. One user said, 'What can a pilot do regarding flight delay? He was just doing his job. This person should be arrested and put on the no-fly list. His picture should be made public, so that other people should know about his bad behavior.

Another user said, 'A case should be registered for attacking this person. It should be put on the no-fly list. This behavior of the passenger is unacceptable.