North Korea: North Korea strengthening military capabilities, claims to test solid fuel hypersonic missile

Pankaj Prasad
Solid fuel Intermediate range ballistic missile
Solid fuel Intermediate range ballistic missile

North Korea fired a ballistic missile toward the sea on Sunday, which is said to be the first missile launch this year.

North Korea is continuously strengthening its weapons fleet. Now it has successfully test-fired a medium-range solid-fuel ballistic missile (IRBM) carrying a hypersonic warhead. It is being said that this missile has been designed to attack remote targets of America.

It is worth noting that a day earlier the armies of South Korea and Japan had informed that a missile had been fired from Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, which is the first missile launch of this year.

Tested on Sunday afternoon

According to a report, the missile was launched on Sunday afternoon. Its purpose was to test the reliability of a new multi-stage, high-thrust solid-fuel engine and intermediate-range hypersonics. It is being told that this missile fell in the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

The security of the neighboring country was not affected

The Missile General Bureau says that this test was conducted as part of routine activities to develop powerful weapon systems. At the same time, North Korea also announced that this test did not affect the security of any neighboring country and it has nothing to do with the regional situation.

South Korea threatened

South Korea's military said on Sunday that North Korea fired an intermediate range ballistic missile, which fell into the sea at a distance of 1000 kilometers. The military detected the launch in or around Pyongyang at around 2:55 pm (local time). At the same time, South Korea has threatened that if North Korea continues to test like this, clouds of war could loom in the Korean Peninsula at any time.

it was already suspected

This is North Korea's first missile launch since it fired a solid-fuel Hwasong-18 intercontinental ballistic missile on December 18. Last week, South Korean Defense Minister Shin Won-sik said North Korea could test a new type of IRBM as early as this month.