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Covid 19: China's warning - Corona cases may increase again this month, claims in the report

Pankaj Prasad
Covid 19
Covid 19

Cases of JN.1 have also been found in Nagaland.

Corona cases have been comparatively less in China since the New Year, but now the Chinese government has warned that the cases of corona infection may increase this month. China's government media has made this claim in its report.

Danger of increasing corona infection in China

In fact, China's National Health Commission spokesperson Mi Feng told the media that there are currently fewer fever patients in Chinese hospitals, but the risk of respiratory diseases like influenza and Covid-19 still remains. Experts say that due to cold in China, cases of influenza virus and respiratory diseases like Covid-19 may increase. The Chinese government said that influenza infection in their country starts in October. The southern provinces of the country have seen a 36.8 percent jump in influenza cases. At the same time, cases have increased by 57 percent in the northern states. The Chinese government says that in many cases it has been seen that patients who were infected with Influenza A virus also got infected with Influenza B virus. This means that their immunity was weakened by influenza infection. In such a situation, there is a possibility that people with weak immunity may also become victims of corona infection.

JN1 cases in India reach 1200

In India, the Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium (INSACOG) has reported that till Saturday, a total of 1200 cases of the new sub-variant JN.1 of Corona have been recorded in the country. Cases of JN.1 have also been found in Nagaland. Thus far, cases of JN.1 have been found in 17 states and union territories of India. Last few weeks, there was a sudden surge in Corona cases in the country, regarding which the Health Ministry had also issued an alert and instructed people to wear masks in public places and maintain distance from people.

Karnataka has recorded the highest number of JN.1 cases at 215. After this, the highest number of cases of new sub-variant of Corona have been found in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Kerala, West Bengal, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.