Goa Murder Case: Accused mother Suchana Seth is not helping the police in the investigation of child's murder

Pankaj Prasad
Goa Child Murder Case
Goa Child Murder Case

A Goa court has extended the police custody of the woman accused of murdering her son by five days.

A Goa court on Monday extended the police custody of Soochna Seth by five days. The woman is accused of murdering her four-year-old son. The court was told that she was not cooperating in the investigation.

The accused woman was produced in the court today after the six-day initial police custody ended. Police said that it is yet to be ascertained as to what motive the woman committed the crime. She has to be confronted with the statements of her estranged husband Venkat Raman.

The accused woman was arrested from Chitradurga

Suchana, the CEO of an AI start up, was arrested from Chitradurga (Karnataka) on February 8. Then she was traveling in a taxi with the dead body of her son. After this he was brought back to Goa. Then he was produced in a court in Mapusa city. Who sent him to police custody for six days.

Accused not cooperating in investigation: Police

A senior officer said that the woman is not fully cooperating in the investigation. She is denying that she has murdered her son. The child's body was found in a bag, he said. But, he refused to confess that he had murdered the child. The woman is repeatedly claiming that her husband is responsible for the child's death, the officer said.

'The motive behind the murder is not known yet'

The police officer further said, we wanted more time to interrogate him. Therefore, we had demanded extension of his custody. We also have to complete procedures like taking his DNA sample. We have not yet found out the motive behind the murder.

What did the police say in the court

Police said in the court, we want to conduct DNA test of the woman and the child. For which samples need to be collected. The official said this is part of the process. The statement of Soochna's husband Venkat has been recorded. The investigating officer wants to investigate his statement.