Iran Air Strike: Frustrated Pakistan recalled ambassador from Iran, expelled Tehran's ambassador

Pankaj Prasad
Mariam Baloch
Mariam Baloch

Pakistan has been shocked by the Iranian air attacks in Balochistan.

Pakistan has been shocked by the Iranian air attacks in Balochistan. On Wednesday, Pakistan has recalled its ambassador from Tehran and expelled the Iranian ambassador present in Pakistan. Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said that Pakistan has decided to recall its ambassador from Iran. Also said that the Iranian ambassador will have to leave the country. High level meetings to be held in the coming days have been cancelled.

Iran's attack on terrorist organization in Pakistan

It is noteworthy that on Tuesday, late night, Iran attacked the headquarters of a terrorist group in Balochistan, Pakistan with drones and missiles. Iran targeted the headquarters of terrorist organization Jaish al-Adl. After which Pakistan is in panic. Pakistan's Foreign Ministry said that violation of our sovereignty is not acceptable at all. Also warned Iran of serious consequences. He said that Pakistan has the courage to react to such actions.

Iran's action on Jaish al-Adal

For the last few years, terrorist organization Jaish al-Adal had attacked Iranian security forces. In December it claimed responsibility for an attack on a police station in Sistan Baluchistan, in which 11 Iranian police personnel were killed. According to various reports, there is tension in the region between Iranian security forces and Sunni militants as well as drug smugglers. After the attack in December, Iran's Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi, while visiting the incident site, had said that Pakistan should not give shelter to terrorist groups within its borders, it should stop such acts. Jaish al-Adl was formed in 2012, which Iran considers a terrorist organization. It is a Sunni terrorist group based in Sistan-Baluchistan, the south-eastern province of Iran.

Iraq-Syria also attacked a day before

A day earlier, Iran's Revolutionary Guards had attacked Israel's Mossad agency near Iraq's northern city of Erbil with ballistic missiles. The Guards had also taken action against Islamic State terrorists in Syria. Iran also used ballistic missiles to destroy the terrorist group IS. Four people died due to the attack, while many were injured.