UP: Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi and Shahi Idgah dispute, Hindu side filed application demanding revenue survey

Pankaj Prasad
Shri Krishna birthplace in Mathura
Shri Krishna birthplace in Mathura

The Hindu side has filed an application in the Allahabad High Court demanding revenue survey and representation.

On Wednesday, an application was filed in the Allahabad High Court on behalf of Harishankar Jain and Vishnu Shankar Jain in the Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi and Shahi Idgah dispute case, demanding representation from the Revenue Survey and the Hindu side. While a review petition was filed on behalf of Shahi Idgah, objecting to the order of hearing the cases related to the dispute together, and demanding reconsideration. The court has given time to the parties to file objections on the applications.

What is the Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi-Shahi Idgah Mosque dispute?

This entire dispute is regarding 13.37 acres of land. The Hindu side claims that Lord Krishna was born in Katra Keshav Dev area of Mathura. A temple was built at that place. Many Hindus claim that during the Mughal period, during the rule of Aurangzeb, a part of the temple was demolished and a mosque was built on it, which is known as Idgah Mosque. However, the Muslim side denies the idea of demolishing the temple and building a mosque. In the year 1968, an agreement was reached between Shri Krishna Janmasthan Seva Sangh and the Trust Shahi Idgah Mosque, under which the land was divided into two parts. In which there is a temple on one part and a mosque on the other. However, the Hindu side is rejecting that agreement as illegal and is claiming the entire land.