The silver statue of Ramlala toured the Janmabhoomi complex, the immovable statue will sit on the pedestal today

Pankaj Prasad
Immovable idol of Ramlala
Immovable idol of Ramlala

The immovable idol of Ramlala has been transported to the Ramjanmabhoomi complex from the Yoga Center Vivek Srishti complex located at Ramsevak Puram.

On the second day of Ramlala's consecration, the silver idol of Ramlala was taken on a tour of the Ram temple complex. Earlier there was a plan to tour the immovable idol of Ram Lalla in the Ram Janmabhoomi complex, but due to the heavy weight of the idol and security reasons, this plan was canceled. The ceremony of visiting the campus was completed with the small silver statue of Ramlala. Late in the evening, the immovable idol of Ramlala was taken to the Ramjanmabhoomi complex from the Yoga Center Vivek Srishti complex located at Ramsevak Puram. Today the worship will start after sitting on the seat.

On Wednesday afternoon, the chief host Dr. Anil Mishra took the idol of Ramlala made of silver weighing 10 kg on a palanquin and took it on a tour inside and around the temple. During this time the temple complex kept resonating with the chanting of Vedic mantras. Acharyas, engineers and security personnel engaged in the construction of the temple also showered flowers on the statue. At the same time, grand decoration of Ram Janmabhoomi complex has also been done. Before this, VHP patron board member Dinesh Chandra and chief host Dr. Anil Mishra also worshiped the silver statue of Ramlala. On the first day, at 2:30 pm, Mahant Dinendra Das of Nirmeahi Akhara and priest Sunil Das performed puja in the sanctum sanctorum.

The immovable idol of Ramlala was taken to the Ram Janmabhoomi complex from the Vivek Srishti complex under heavy security late on Wednesday evening. The immovable idol was taken away seated in a closed truck. During this period, two hundred PAC personnel, ATS team and other police officers were involved in security. From Vivek Srishti, the immovable idol was taken to the campus from Crossing 11 via Dharampath, Lata Chowk, Main Road. Where the immovable idol will be kept under heavy security. The immovable idol will be enthroned on a golden throne. The throne is ready in the sanctum sanctorum.

Kalash puja took place at 1:20 pm in auspicious time

The second day of Ramlala's life consecration rituals began with Kalash puja. At the auspicious time, Kalash puja started at 1:20 pm on the banks of Saryu. Chief host Dr. Anil Mishra took a resolution and performed Kalash puja. During this period a total of ten Kalashas were worshipped. After the puja, 21 maternal powers took out the Jal Kalash Yatra. The main Kalash has been installed in the Yagyamandap built in the Ram Janmabhoomi complex. Whereas with the installation of Shri Ram Yantra in the newly constructed sanctum sanctorum of Ramlala, the ritual of Pran Pratishtha has been started. Seven Acharyas performed the Tirtha Puja, Kalash Puja and Vardhini Puja as per the rituals.

That's why Kalash puja is done

Acharya Sunil Laxmikant Dixit told that the worship done before Kalash Yatra is called Kalash Puja. On the banks of Saryu, nine Vardhini i.e. nine urns were filled with Saryu water and worship was performed. A main Kalash was also worshipped, the ritual of which was performed by the host. Nine maternal powers were also involved in the worship of nine Kalash, everyone worshiped the Kalash. During the puja, all the sacred rivers and oceans of the country including Saryu were invoked. After this, Panchamrit Abhishek of Maa Saryu was done and Saryu water was filled in the Kalash. After this, the maternal powers placed the worshiped Kalash on their heads and took out the Kalash Yatra which went to the Ram Janmabhoomi path, from here the Kalash was brought to the place of worship. The sanctum sanctorum and the place of worship were purified with holy water.

Kalash installed in Yagya Mandap

In the next phase, the Kalash was established in the Yajnamandap with the chanting of mantras like Om Bhurbhuvah Swah Bho Varun, Ihagaccha, Iha Tishtha, Sthapayami, Poojyami, Mam Pooja Grihaan… etc. Another nine urns were installed on nine altars. Acharya Mrityunjay Prasad Tripathi, Acharya Shivesh Sharma, Acharya Ankit Awasthi, Acharya Kamlesh Jha, Acharya Vijendra Trivedi, Acharya Avinash Dhar Dwivedi participated in the worship.