PM Modi Ignites Lok Sabha Election Campaign from Bihar‘s Jamui, Extols NDA Unity and Progress

Khushbu Kumari Jha
PM Modi Ignites Lok Sabha Election Campaign from Bihar Jamui Extols NDA Unity and Progress
PM Modi Ignites Lok Sabha Election Campaign from Bihar Jamui Extols NDA Unity and Progress

Prime Minister Modi kickstarts Lok Sabha election campaign from Bihar‘s Jamui, emphasizing NDA unity and progress. Reflecting on past governance, he champions transparency, development, and accountability, contrasting NDA‘s vision with opposition alliances.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Lok Sabha election campaign from the heartland of Bihar, Jamui, heralding the spirit of unity and progress within the Bihar NDA coalition. Addressing a fervent crowd, PM Modi underscored the collective strength of NDA leaders gathered on stage, including erstwhile opponents Chirag Paswan and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, symbolizing a unified front gearing up for electoral triumph.

Amidst thunderous applause, PM Modi commenced his address in Bhojpuri, paying homage to the revered Baba Daneshwar Nath and invoking the rich legacy of knowledge embodied by Lord Mahavir. Reflecting on the palpable energy of the crowd, PM Modi hailed the resounding endorsement of BJP and NDA, echoing across Bihar and resonating nationwide.

In a poignant moment, PM Modi paid tribute to the late Ram Vilas Paswan, fondly recalling his contributions and extolling Chirag Paswan's dedication to carrying forward his father's legacy. The Prime Minister lauded Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for his pivotal role in steering Bihar towards progress, emphasizing the state's historical significance and its potential as a harbinger of development.

Turning his attention to the opposition, PM Modi delivered a scathing critique of past governance, contrasting the transformative strides achieved under NDA leadership with the inefficiencies of previous regimes. He reminisced about Bihar's journey from the dark shadows of RJD's Jungle Raj to its current trajectory of development and prosperity, exemplified by the resurgence of Jamui as an emblem of progress.

PM Modi seized the opportunity to remind the electorate of past misdeeds, alluding to the infamous land-for-job scam under Lalu Yadav's tenure and championing the transparency and accountability fostered by the NDA government. He emphasized the government's unwavering commitment to uplifting the marginalized and empowering every citizen, citing initiatives such as free ration distribution and healthcare provisions as evidence of BJP's pro-poor agenda.

In a rallying cry against corruption, PM Modi lambasted the opposition alliance, accusing them of perpetuating vested interests and hindering progress. He championed NDA's vision of industrial growth and infrastructure development, juxtaposing it with the retrogressive policies advocated by rival factions.

As the Lok Sabha election campaign gains momentum, PM Modi's impassioned address in Jamui encapsulates the spirit of hope, unity, and progress that defines the Bihar NDA coalition. With the electorate poised to cast their votes, the echoes of PM Modi's rallying call for development and accountability reverberate across the political landscape, shaping the contours of India's future trajectory.