Delhi Police Busts Notorious Zaharkhurani Gang; Several Arrests Made in Connection with Poisoning and Robbery Incidents

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Delhi Police Busts Notorious Zaharkhurani Gang Several Arrests Made in Connection with Poisoning and Robbery Incidents
Delhi Police Busts Notorious Zaharkhurani Gang Several Arrests Made in Connection with Poisoning and Robbery Incidents

Read about the Delhi Police‘s crackdown on the notorious Zaharkhurani gang, responsible for multiple incidents of robbery and poisoning in Delhi-NCR. Learn how arrests were made and the modus operandi of the gang revealed in this comprehensive article.

In a significant breakthrough, the Delhi Police‘s Crime Branch has successfully apprehended members of the notorious Zaharkhurani gang, known for their modus operandi of rendering victims unconscious before robbing them. The gang, infamous for its activities in Delhi-NCR, has been linked to multiple incidents of robbery and poisoning in bus stands, railway stations, and busy markets.

Following a spate of such incidents, a dedicated team from Eastern Range-II, led by Inspector Umesh Sati under the supervision of ACP Raj Kumar, was formed to track down and arrest the perpetrators responsible for these crimes.

On April 2, acting on a tip-off, the team received intelligence that members of the “Azad Gang,” a faction of the Zaharkhurani gang led by a criminal named Azad, were planning to commit a crime at Mori Gate Bus Stand. Swift action was taken, and a trap was set at the location. Subsequently, three individuals traveling in an auto were apprehended.

Upon interrogation, the suspects were identified as Mohammad Azad (38), Asif alias Zubair (24), and Sabir (39), all residents of Delhi. Incriminating evidence, including 23 intoxicating pills, pill powder, and blades, were recovered from Azad's possession. Additionally, a pistol and two live cartridges were seized from Asif alias Zubair.

Further questioning revealed shocking details about the gang‘s activities. Azad confessed to orchestrating approximately 100 incidents of poisoning and robbery across Delhi and NCR. The gang admitted to employing various tactics, including the use of weapons and stolen vehicles, to carry out their criminal activities.

Based on the information provided during interrogation, a stolen scooter was recovered under the jurisdiction of Daryaganj police station, while another stolen scooter was traced to Jafrabad police station. Both vehicles were linked to the gang's operations.

The accused divulged their modus operandi, revealing that they would hire autos and lure unsuspecting victims at bus stands, railway stations, and crowded markets. Posing as auto drivers and passengers, gang members would gain the trust of their targets by offering food and beverages laced with intoxicants. Once the victim became unconscious, the gang would rob them and flee the scene.

A case has been registered against the accused under the Arms Act and Section 411 of the IPC, and investigations are underway. The swift action by the Delhi Police has not only led to the apprehension of the criminals but has also disrupted the operations of the Zaharkhurani gang, providing a measure of relief to residents of Delhi-NCR.

The successful crackdown on the Zaharkhurani gang serves as a testament to the Delhi Police's commitment to maintaining law and order in the capital region. With the perpetrators behind bars, efforts to ensure the safety and security of citizens continue, as authorities remain vigilant against criminal elements operating in the city.