Gold Prices Surge in Varanasi Bullion Market, Silver Slips: April Update

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Gold Prices Surge in Varanasi Bullion Market Silver Slips April Update
Gold Prices Surge in Varanasi Bullion Market Silver Slips April Update

The latest update from the Varanasi bullion market reveals a surge in gold prices and a slight drop in silver rates. Stay informed about the dynamic shifts in precious metal values.

The bullion market is witnessing a significant surge in activity this April, particularly in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. On Thursday, April 12th, the price of 22-carat gold per 10 grams soared by Rs 100, reaching Rs 66,350. Conversely, silver experienced a decline, with prices dropping by Rs 500 per kilogram, now standing at Rs 85,000. These fluctuations in gold and silver prices are common occurrences influenced by various factors, including taxes and excise duties.

In Varanasi's bullion market, the price trend for 22-carat gold has been fluctuating recently. On April 11th, the rate was Rs 66,250, a slight increase from the previous day's Rs 65,900 on April 10th. Earlier in the week, on April 9th, the price stood at Rs 65,800, rising steadily from Rs 65,500 on April 8th and Rs 64,300 on April 7th. This upward trajectory continued from April 6th, when it was priced at Rs 64,700, and April 5th, when it stood at Rs 64,750.

Meanwhile, the price of 24-carat gold per 10 grams experienced a similar trend, increasing by Rs 110 to reach Rs 71,610 on Friday, April 12th, compared to Rs 71,500 on April 11th. Bullion businessman Nitin Agarwal noted the consistent uptick in gold prices throughout April.

In contrast, silver prices saw a decline on April 12th, dropping by Rs 500 per kilogram to reach Rs 85,000. This followed a slight increase from Rs 85,500 on April 11th to Rs 84,500 on April 10th, maintaining stability on April 9th. Earlier in the week, the price was Rs 83,500 on April 8th, marking a steady increase from Rs 81,700 on April 7th and April 6th. The price stood at Rs 82,000 on April 5th.