Celebrating the Auspicious Fourth Day of Chaitra Navratri: Worshiping Maa Kushmanda

Amit Kumar Jha
Celebrating the Auspicious Fourth Day of Chaitra Navratri Worshiping Maa Kushmanda
Celebrating the Auspicious Fourth Day of Chaitra Navratri Worshiping Maa Kushmanda

Experience the auspiciousness of Chaitra Navratri as devotees honor Maa Kushmanda on the fourth day. Discover the rituals, mantras, and offerings associated with worshipping Maa Kushmanda.

As Chaitra Navratri progresses, devotees across the country honor Maa Kushmanda, the revered fourth form of Goddess Durga, on this significant day. Falling on Friday, April 12th, this day holds special importance in Hindu tradition as devotees invoke the blessings of Maa Kushmanda to seek prosperity and well-being.

Observing Saubhagya Yoga:

Today, the auspicious Saubhagya Yoga prevails throughout the day, signifying good fortune and auspiciousness. Accompanied by the Rohini Nakshatra, this celestial alignment is considered highly favorable for conducting spiritual activities and rituals.

Propitious Muhurat for Worship:

Devotees can engage in worship rituals during the auspicious Muhurat periods throughout the day. Commencing from the Brahma Muhurta at 4:29 AM and culminating with the Ravi Yoga late at night, these timings offer an opportune window for invoking the blessings of Maa Kushmanda.

Goddess Kushmanda:

Maa Kushmanda, adorned with eight arms and seated atop a lion, embodies the creative force of the universe. As the creator of existence, she is revered for her divine grace and benevolence. Worshiping Maa Kushmanda is believed to bestow devotees with longevity, fame, and liberation from worldly sorrows.

Mantras and Offerings:

Devotees chant sacred mantras such as “Om Devi Kushmandayai Namah” and “Aim Hri Devyai Namah” to invoke the divine presence of Maa Kushmanda. Offerings of Malpua, a sweet delicacy, symbolize devotion and reverence during the worship ceremony.

Rituals of Worship:

Worshipers cleanse themselves and adorn clean attire before commencing the puja ceremony. Offering prayers, vermilion, and floral tributes, devotees express their reverence to Maa Kushmanda. The ritual culminates with the offering of Malpua and the heartfelt recitation of the Aarti, invoking blessings and protection.

Aarti of Maa Kushmanda:

The Aarti of Maa Kushmanda, filled with devotion and gratitude, resonates with devotees as they seek the divine grace and blessings of the benevolent goddess. Through melodious hymns and heartfelt prayers, devotees express their reverence and devotion towards Maa Kushmanda.

On this auspicious day of Chaitra Navratri, devotees immerse themselves in the divine aura of Maa Kushmanda, seeking her blessings for prosperity, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment.