Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Board Declares Exam Results

Rachna Kumari
Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Board Declares Exam Results
Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Board Declares Exam Results

The Uttar Pradesh Secondary Sanskrit Education Council has announced the results of its board examinations. Mansi Chaurasia from Bahraich secures the top position in Pre-Madhyamik II (10th) exam.

The Uttar Pradesh Secondary Sanskrit Education Council has announced the results of its board examinations today. Mansi Chaurasia, a student from Bahraich, has secured the top position in the Pre-Madhyamik II (10th) examination, while Poonam Tiwari, hailing from Sultanpur, has emerged as the topper in the Uttar Madhyamik II (12th) examination. A total of 16,816 candidates, including 16,360 institutional and 456 individual candidates, appeared for the examinations, out of which 14,701 candidates, comprising 14,396 institutional and 305 individual candidates, have passed.

Conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Secondary Sanskrit Education Council, Lucknow, the examinations took place from February 15, 2024, to March 1, 2024. This marks a shorter duration compared to the previous year, which spanned from February 23, 2023, to March 20, 2023. The evaluation process was also expedited this year, with assessments being completed within 10 days from March 5, 2024, to March 14, 2024, resulting in today's prompt declaration of results.

The examinations were conducted safely across 229 examination centers in various districts of the state, under stringent surveillance equipped with CCTV cameras and voice recorders. To ensure the security of question papers, a double-layered tamper-proof evidence packaging system was implemented for the first time, maintaining high-level security standards. Furthermore, a dedicated strong room was established to securely house the question papers under the supervision of a three-member committee.

Mobile teams were deployed at district and divisional levels to facilitate smooth, peaceful, and cheating-free examinations. Additional security measures included the printing of the Sanskrit Parishad logo on answer sheets, the introduction of numbered answer sheets marked with perforation seals, and the appointment of Sub-Inspectors of Sanskrit Pathshalas as observers at evaluation centers.

For the first time, subject-wise award blocks were provided in bundles of answer sheets, streamlining the evaluation process and ensuring timely completion of assessments. The council also supplied attendance sheets with photographs to all examination centers, enabling the verification of candidate identities against admit cards.

These meticulous arrangements underscore the council's commitment to conducting fair and secure examinations, setting new standards for future assessments.