Cloudy Weather Causes Dip in Temperatures Across Patna and Neighboring Regions

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Cloudy Weather Causes Dip in Temperatures Across Patna and Neighboring Regions
Cloudy Weather Causes Dip in Temperatures Across Patna and Neighboring Regions

Experience a drop in temperatures across Patna and surrounding areas due to cloudy weather conditions. Stay updated with the latest weather forecasts and temperature fluctuations.

Cloudy weather caused a dip in maximum temperatures across Patna and its neighboring regions on Monday. Over the past 24 hours, the city's maximum temperature decreased from 40 degrees Celsius to 38.6 degrees Celsius. However, there was no significant change in the minimum temperature, which remained at 27.4 degrees Celsius. According to the Meteorological Center's report, westerly winds persist in the state, with a cyclonic circulation prevailing over northeastern Assam. Cyclonic winds are blowing at an altitude of 3.1 km above sea level, while another cyclone is located near Marathwada, impacting the state's weather. The influence of these weather patterns is expected to persist for the next 24 hours, following which the maximum temperature in Patna and surrounding areas is forecasted to gradually rise by two to four degrees Celsius.

Rising temperatures prompt heat wave warnings

A heat wave warning has been issued for eight districts of Bihar, including Banka, Sheikhpura, Bhagalpur, Madhubani, Jamui, Supaul, Darbhanga, and East Champaran, for Tuesday. Additionally, hot days are anticipated in southern and northwestern parts, including Patna, with a likelihood of increasing maximum temperatures. The strong northwesterly wind flow tends to elevate temperatures as moisture levels in the lower atmosphere decrease. With low humidity and limited cloud cover, direct sunlight intensifies, contributing to the scorching heat experienced by residents.

Mercury soars in major cities

Several cities witnessed maximum temperatures surpassing 40 degrees Celsius, with Gaya recording 41.8 degrees Celsius, Nawada and Jamui at 41.7 degrees Celsius, and Banka and Aurangabad at 41.5 degrees Celsius. Other areas experienced high temperatures as well, with Dehri at 40.4 degrees Celsius, Bhojpur at 40.5 degrees Celsius, Nalanda at 41.0 degrees Celsius, Sheikhpura at 43.0 degrees Celsius, Chhapra at 40.5 degrees Celsius, Muzaffarpur at 40.4 degrees Celsius, Begusarai at 43.6 degrees Celsius, Bhagalpur at 40.7 degrees Celsius, Darbhanga at 40.2 degrees Celsius, Supaul at 40.2 degrees Celsius, Purnia at 40.2 degrees Celsius, and Madhubani at 41.8 degrees Celsius.