Horrific Incident in Pratapgarh: Woman Abducted, Raped, and Robbed After Wedding

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Horrific Incident in Pratapgarh Woman Abducted Raped and Robbed After Wedding
Horrific Incident in Pratapgarh Woman Abducted Raped and Robbed After Wedding

Read about the horrifying incident in Pratapgarh where a couple returning from a wedding was targeted by miscreants, resulting in the abduction, rape, and robbery of the woman. Authorities are actively investigating the case to bring the perpetrators to justice.

In a shocking incident of brutality, a couple returning home from a wedding ceremony in Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, faced a nightmare on Wednesday night. Three unidentified miscreants intercepted their vehicle, abducted the woman, and subjected her to a horrendous ordeal of rape and robbery.

The incident occurred around midnight when the couple was on their way back home from a relative's wedding in the Kandhai police station area. As they traversed the Katari road from Salhipur, their car was stopped by the assailants traveling in an unknown vehicle. The miscreants threatened the couple, and while the husband managed to escape, the woman was forcibly taken away.

Once they had abducted her, the perpetrators brutally raped the woman and looted all her jewelry. Subsequently, they callously dumped her on the edge of a forest before fleeing the scene in a Bolero.

The following morning, villagers discovered the traumatized woman and promptly alerted the police. Law enforcement officers swiftly arrived at the scene and initiated an investigation. Based on the victim's harrowing account, the police have registered a case against the three unidentified perpetrators under various stringent sections of the law, including gang rape and robbery. Efforts are underway to track down the culprits, with authorities utilizing CCTV footage to aid in their identification and apprehension.

Speaking on the matter, Additional Superintendent of Police East, Durgesh Singh, assured that the police are actively pursuing the case. While several individuals are being interrogated in connection with the incident, no arrests have been made thus far. However, Singh reiterated the commitment to bringing the perpetrators to justice and ensuring that strict action is taken against them.

The heinous assault has sent shockwaves through the community, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced measures to safeguard citizens' safety and security, particularly during vulnerable moments like late-night travel.