PM Modi Strongly Condemns Congress Alleged Plan for Asset Scrutiny

Rachna Kumari
PM Modi Strongly Condemns Congress Alleged Plan for Asset Scrutiny
PM Modi Strongly Condemns Congress Alleged Plan for Asset Scrutiny

PM Narendra Modi delivers a stern warning against Congress purported scheme to scrutinize assets, promising swift action against corruption and the restitution of looted funds to the poor.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a scathing attack on the INDIA alliance during his visit to Agra today. In his speech, Modi accused the Congress of devising plans to scrutinize people's assets, warning them that as long as he's in power, they will have to answer to him for any such actions. He reiterated his government's commitment to investigating corruption and returning looted wealth to the poor.

Modi highlighted the government's efforts to devise mechanisms to reclaim ill-gotten assets from corrupt individuals, emphasizing the swift action being taken in this regard.

Turning his attention to the alleged plans of the Congress and INDIA alliance, Modi criticized their proposal to investigate citizens' properties, likening it to an invasion of privacy. He condemned the idea of using such investigations as a means of plundering citizens' assets, referring to it as an act of betrayal.

Furthermore, Modi accused certain political alliances in Uttar Pradesh of engaging in divisive politics, particularly targeting their approach towards the OBC community. He alleged that these alliances aimed to undermine the rights of the OBCs for their own political gain.

In a significant assertion, Modi claimed that the Congress was contemplating introducing religious-based reservation, taking away from the existing OBC quota. He criticized the Congress for what he perceived as a betrayal of the principles of social justice and alleged attempts to exploit religious sentiments for electoral gains.

Modi's remarks underscored his firm stance against corruption and divisive politics, while also signaling the BJP's readiness to confront its political opponents on key issues ahead of the upcoming elections.