Bomb Threats Rattle Ahmedabad Schools, Prompting Investigations

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Bomb Threats Rattle Ahmedabad Schools Prompting Investigations
Bomb Threats Rattle Ahmedabad Schools Prompting Investigations

Recent bomb threats to schools in Ahmedabad echo a similar scare in Delhi, prompting urgent investigations.

In a distressing turn of events reminiscent of the recent scare in Delhi, several schools in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, have been targeted with bomb threats, sparking urgent investigations by the Crime Branch and Special Operations Group (SOG). Following the ominous warnings, bomb disposal squads were swiftly deployed to assess the threat level at the affected schools. Reports suggest that the threats were conveyed via email, originating from a server located in Russia, mirroring a similar incident in Delhi where schools were threatened under comparable circumstances. Despite the alarming messages, no explosive devices or suspicious items have been discovered in any of the targeted schools thus far. Law enforcement authorities remain vigilant, closely monitoring any suspicious activities in the wake of these threats.

Echoes of Delhi Threats

This latest wave of threats in Ahmedabad bears striking similarities to the alarming situation witnessed in Delhi on May 1st, when over 100 schools received menacing emails warning of potential bombings. The threats, purportedly sent under the guise of the entity 'SAWARIM S' via the Russian webmail service, triggered widespread panic and necessitated comprehensive investigations by various agencies. Fortunately, subsequent examinations yielded no evidence of explosive materials within the premises of the targeted schools.

Identifying the Targets

Among the schools targeted in Ahmedabad are Anand Niketan, Satellite Calorex School, Ghatlodiya Kendriya Vidyalaya, Chandkheda Udgam School, Thaltej Amrita Vidyalaya, Ghatlodiya Army Cantonment School, and Shahibagh DPS Bopal School. Authorities have promptly mobilized resources and heightened security measures in response to the received threats, ensuring the safety and well-being of students and staff.

Suspected Connections to Terrorist Groups

In the aftermath of the threats directed at Delhi schools, investigations hinted at a larger conspiracy orchestrated by terrorist elements during the Lok Sabha elections. Speculation arose regarding possible links to an 'ISIS module,' with preliminary findings indicating a potential nexus with terrorist organizations. The email's originating domain from Russia has raised concerns, suggesting sophisticated tactics employed by perpetrators to conceal their identities and evade detection. The involvement of the 'Dark Web,' renowned for its anonymity-enabling features, further complicates the investigation, prompting considerations of a potential National Investigation Agency (NIA) inquiry to uncover the full extent of the conspiracy.