Unpredictable Weather Patterns Stir Concern Across Bihar; Meteorological Department Issues Alerts

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Unpredictable Weather Patterns Stir Concern Across Bihar Meteorological Department Issues Alerts
Unpredictable Weather Patterns Stir Concern Across Bihar Meteorological Department Issues Alerts

Stay informed about the changing weather patterns in Bihar with the latest updates from the Meteorological Department. Be prepared for thunderstorms, rainfall, and strong winds by taking necessary precautions.

The weather dynamics have shifted across various districts of Bihar, ushering in a mixed bag of conditions. While rainfall has led to a drop in temperature, strong winds and stormy waters have posed challenges for residents. The Meteorological Department has issued warnings across several districts for Thursday and advised residents to exercise caution in the face of worsening weather conditions. Alerts, ranging from yellow to orange, have been issued for numerous areas across Bihar. For a comprehensive overview of the weather conditions on a regional and district level, read on.

According to the Patna Meteorological Centre, thunderstorms with speeds of 40 to 50 kilometers per hour have been forecasted in certain areas of the southern part of the state, including Patna, on Thursday. Additionally, an orange alert has been issued for 19 districts in the northern region, cautioning residents about thunderstorms and lightning with speeds ranging from 50 to 60 kilometers per hour. Furthermore, North Bihar is anticipated to experience heavier rainfall compared to parts of South Bihar. Despite these alerts, the overall weather situation in the state remains stable.

Districts Affected Today:

The Meteorological Department has predicted moderate thunder, lightning, and rainfall in districts such as Begusarai, Motihari, Munger, Gopalganj, Muzaffarpur, Vaishali, Jamui, West Champaran, East Champaran, Siwan, and Saran. During this period, wind speeds are expected to reach 30 to 40 kilometers per hour. According to forecasts from the Patna Meteorological Centre, no relief from thunderstorms is anticipated until May 12. Precautionary measures have been advised by the Meteorological Department in light of these warnings.

Precautionary Measures:

In response to the changing weather patterns, the Meteorological Department has urged residents to remain vigilant and cautious. Individuals caught outdoors are advised to seek shelter in permanent structures immediately. Additionally, it is recommended to steer clear of tall trees and electric poles. Farmers are advised to refrain from venturing into their fields until the weather clears up.

Cause of Weather Fluctuations:

Meteorologists attribute the current weather fluctuations to the formation of a cyclonic circulation area around Jharkhand and Gangetic West Bengal. The influx of moist easterly winds from the Bay of Bengal has resulted in overcast skies and sporadic rainfall across the state. Notably, many districts have recorded a drop in temperature, with Patna registering a maximum temperature of 32.5 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, while Buxar recorded the highest temperature at 37.4 degrees Celsius.