Ritesh Pandey’s New Summer Anthem “Aam Dussehri” Takes Bhojpuri Music Scene by Storm

S Choudhury
Ritesh Pandey New Summer Anthem Aam Dussehri Takes Bhojpuri Music Scene by Storm
Ritesh Pandey New Summer Anthem Aam Dussehri Takes Bhojpuri Music Scene by Storm

Ritesh Pandey’s latest Bhojpuri release “Aam Dussehri” celebrates the joys of summer with catchy tunes and vibrant visuals. Featuring the dynamic vocals of Pandey and newcomer Shivani Singh, the song captures the essence of the season.

As the summer season heats up, Bhojpuri cinema and music are embracing the spirit of the season with a flurry of summer-themed songs. With the arrival of mangoes in the market, people are relishing the seasonal delight, and superstar Ritesh Pandey has seized the moment with his latest release, “Aam Dussehri”.

The song, which recently hit the airwaves, has been creating waves in the Bhojpuri music industry for its juicy and entertaining vibe. Featuring the dynamic voice of Ritesh Pandey and the new sensation Shivani Singh, the song has struck a chord with audiences, garnering praise for their vocal chemistry.

“Aam Dussehri,” released on the official YouTube channel of Riddhi Music World, captures the essence of summer and the joy of indulging in mangoes. Speaking about the song, Ritesh Pandey expressed his excitement, stating, “Who doesn't love enjoying mangoes in the summer? We've endeavored to bring the flavor of mangoes to our audience through our music. I'm confident that it will bring a lot of joy to our listeners.”

Pandey emphasized the uniqueness of the song's concept, assuring that it caters to audiences of all ages and tastes. He also commended Shivani Singh for her outstanding performance, highlighting the collaborative effort behind creating the song.

The music video of “Aam Dussehri” features popular actor Vannu the Great alongside Ritesh Pandey, adding to the visual appeal of the song. Neeraj Nirmal penned the lyrics, while Prakash Soni composed the music, and D.K Singh directed the video, showcasing a seamless blend of talent behind the scenes.

Currently trending at number 29 on YouTube, “Aam Dussehri” is captivating audiences with its catchy tunes and vibrant visuals. With the support and love of their fans, Ritesh Pandey and Shivani Singh are hopeful that the song will continue to resonate with listeners and become a summer anthem for Bhojpuri music enthusiasts everywhere.