Dust Storm and Rain Wreak Havoc in Delhi: Flights Diverted, Two Dead

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Dust Storm and Rain Wreak Havoc in Delhi Flights Diverted Two Dead
Dust Storm and Rain Wreak Havoc in Delhi Flights Diverted Two Dead

Read about the havoc wreaked by a dust storm and light rain in Delhi, resulting in diverted flights, casualties, and widespread damage. Stay informed on the latest weather advisories and safety precautions.

Late Friday evening saw a tumultuous turn of events in the national capital, Delhi, as a fierce dust storm accompanied by light rain swept through various parts of the city. The adverse weather conditions forced the diversion of nine flights scheduled to land at Delhi's airport. With wind speeds reaching up to 80 kilometers per hour, widespread destruction ensued, resulting in the uprooting of dozens of trees and causing damage to numerous houses. The Delhi Police and Fire Department received over 500 distress calls as the storm wreaked havoc across the region.

Tragically, the extreme weather claimed two lives and left several others injured. The severity of the situation prompted the Meteorological Department to issue a warning urging residents to remain indoors and refrain from unnecessary travel. Residents were advised to keep their windows and doors shut and to seek shelter in safe locations, avoiding standing under trees due to the risk of further uprooting.

As a precautionary measure, several flights bound for Delhi were redirected to alternative airports, such as Jaipur, due to the challenging conditions at Delhi airport. The disruption extended to road travel, with the Delhi Traffic Police issuing advisories for drivers, particularly along routes affected by fallen trees.

In Janakpuri B-2, a significant roadblock was caused by the collapse of a large tree, prompting authorities to urge commuters to steer clear of affected routes. Instances of tree uprooting were reported in various parts of the city, further complicating travel and safety concerns.

Delhi Police confirmed the unfortunate loss of two lives due to incidents involving uprooted trees, with an additional 17 individuals sustaining injuries from damaged houses. The authorities were inundated with emergency calls reporting tree uprooting, property damage, and power supply disruptions.

The adverse weather conditions not only impacted Delhi but also extended to surrounding areas, highlighting the widespread nature of the phenomenon. As the city braces for continued uncertainty, the Meteorological Department has forecasted the possibility of thunderstorms and further rainfall on Saturday, with temperatures expected to range between 29 and 39 degrees Celsius.