Bihar Teachers Face Salary Deductions for Negligence: District Education Officer Cracks Down

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Bihar Teachers Face Salary Deductions for Negligence District Education Officer Cracks Down
Bihar Teachers Face Salary Deductions for Negligence District Education Officer Cracks Down

Bihar’s education sector as teachers face salary deductions for negligence. Learn about the crackdown by district authorities and the consequences for educators found lacking in their duties.

In a stern move aimed at accountability, Bihar's educators are facing stringent measures for any lapses in their duties. Acting upon directives from KK Pathak, every district education officer and teacher in Bihar is under close scrutiny. Recent actions in Samastipur district highlight the consequences of even slight negligence, with the salaries of 22 teachers being docked.

Under the watchful eye of the District Education Officer, schools are undergoing meticulous inspections as per the designated schedule. Following a comprehensive review of investigation reports, the District Education Officer took decisive action, particularly against those found absent from school without prior notice. In addition, the salaries of 22 teachers were slashed due to their failure to meet inspection standards.

Among those facing deductions, Pooja Kumari of Dalsingh Sarai block's middle school, Arabiya Khatoon of Rosra block's Chandchaur primary school, Amit Kumar Ranjan of Warisnagar block's Mohiuddinpur upgraded middle school, and Raja Ram of Warisnagar's High School were penalized for their unexplained absence.

The crackdown extends beyond teachers to encompass junior engineers, block project managers, and other educational personnel. Twenty-two individuals faced salary deductions for negligence in inspection duties and for disobeying orders.

Speaking on the matter, Samastipur District Education Officer Kameshwar Prasad Gupta emphasized that daily school inspections are mandatory, as per directives from the Additional Chief Secretary. The individuals cited failed to adhere to this mandate on May 6 and 7, resulting in salary deductions for non-compliance. With a roster issued for the inspection of 2816 schools for the month, strict adherence to reporting protocols has been underscored.

Further disciplinary actions were taken against various education workers, including Siddharth Chandra, JMT Ujjwal Kumar Dev, Junior Engineer Arun Kumar, Junior Engineer Shivshankar Ram, Junior Engineer Jitendra Kumar, BRP Pritam Prakash, Junior Engineer Satendra Kumar, BRP Vishnu Dev Mahato, BRP Pramod Kumar Rai, and BRP cum Data Entry Operator Shamsheruddin. Their salaries were reduced for failing to conduct school inspections on May 6th.