Lata Karanja: An Ayurvedic Remedy for Typhoid Fever and Other Ailments

S Choudhury
Lata Karanja An Ayurvedic Remedy for Typhoid Fever and Other Ailments
Lata Karanja An Ayurvedic Remedy for Typhoid Fever and Other Ailments

The Ayurvedic benefits of the Lata Karanja plant, known for its effective treatment of typhoid fever and other ailments.

Ayurveda, the ancient medical system, has been providing effective cures for various diseases for centuries. Its holistic approach and natural remedies continue to be widely used, not only across India but also in regions like Chhattisgarh. One such potent medicinal plant, revered in Ayurveda for its efficacy in treating fevers, particularly typhoid, is Lata Karanja.

The Miraculous Lata Karanja Plant

Lata Karanja, known scientifically as Caesalpinia bonduc, is an Ayurvedic creeper renowned for its numerous medicinal properties. This thorny plant, which grows up to 20 meters in length, is commonly found in areas near rivers, drains, and ponds. It is especially prevalent in the urban areas of Chhattisgarh. The plant’s distinctive feature is its thorn-covered leaves, fruits, and branches, necessitating careful handling during harvesting.

Traditional Use and Preparation

Assistant Professor at the Government Ayurvedic College in Raipur, highlights the traditional use of Lata Karanja, locally known as Gataran. Despite its wide application in treating various fevers, its efficacy in combating typhoid fever stands out. The leaves of the Lata Karanja plant are ground into a paste or powder, which is then used as a therapeutic remedy.

Method of Use for Typhoid

For treating typhoid fever, Dr. recommends the following procedure:

  • Preparation: Collect and grind Lata Karanja leaves to make a fine paste or powder.
  • Dosage: Administer 10 grams of this paste or powder three times a day.
  • Duration: Noticeable relief from typhoid symptoms can occur within a single day. Continued use for 6-7 days is advised for complete recovery.

Benefits Beyond Typhoid

While Lata Karanja is heralded for its typhoid treatment, it also offers relief from other types of fevers. Its robust medicinal properties make it a versatile remedy in the Ayurvedic pharmacopeia.


The Lata Karanja plant embodies the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, providing natural and effective treatments for diseases like typhoid. As modern medicine continues to explore and validate traditional remedies, the significance of such Ayurvedic plants remains ever-relevant, offering hope and healing through nature's bounty.