Health Scare at Itarsi Junction: Vendors Reusing Disposable Utensils

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Health Scare at Itarsi Junction Vendors Reusing Disposable Utensils
Health Scare at Itarsi Junction Vendors Reusing Disposable Utensils

Vendors caught reusing disposable utensils, endangering passenger safety. Railway officials investigate as video sparks public outrage and demands for stricter hygiene enforcement.

A serious health hazard has come to light at Itarsi Junction, Madhya Pradesh's key railway hub, where vendors have been caught endangering the lives of passengers. In a disturbing video that has surfaced, vendors are seen washing and reusing disposable items, which should have been discarded after a single use. This video, recorded by a passenger around 8:30 PM on Sunday night, has sparked outrage and raised significant concerns about hygiene practices at the station.

Video Evidence Exposes Unhygienic Practices

The video, which quickly went viral, reveals a vendor at a food stall on platforms 4 and 5 of Itarsi railway station rinsing used disposables with water and putting them back into service. Further investigation identified the vendor as Sameer Singh, who works at the Pandey food stall on these platforms. The blatant disregard for hygiene has shocked many and prompted immediate calls for action.

Railway Authorities Respond

Upon being alerted to the video, railway officials committed to a thorough investigation. An inspection at the food stall confirmed that the person in the video was indeed a vendor from the stall in question. Despite the gravity of the situation, the officials have been reticent to provide detailed information about the next steps they plan to take.

Stall Manager’s Controversial Justification

Ashok Kumar Rajput, the manager of the implicated food stall, attempted to defend the practice. He stated, “If our food gets spoiled, we throw it in the dustbin. To ensure other passengers do not see the spoiled food, we wash the disposables again so that food is not kept in them again.” This explanation, however, has not allayed public fears, as the reuse of disposable utensils remains a significant health risk.

Immediate Actions and Public Reaction

In response to the video, railway officials promptly visited platforms 4 and 5 to conduct a detailed inspection and discuss the issue with the stall manager. However, they have so far refrained from sharing further details about their findings or any punitive measures.

The incident has triggered widespread concern and anger among passengers and the general public. There are growing demands for stricter enforcement of hygiene regulations and better oversight of food stalls at railway stations to prevent such incidents.

Moving Forward

As investigations continue, it is crucial for railway authorities to ensure stringent health and safety standards to protect passengers. The reuse of disposables not only violates hygiene norms but also erodes public trust in the safety of railway services. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance and accountability in maintaining public health standards.

Passengers and advocacy groups are urging the authorities to take swift and decisive action to address this lapse and implement measures that will prevent such hazardous practices in the future.