Divya Agarwal Deletes Wedding Photos from Social Media, Fans Speculate

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Divya Agarwal Deletes Wedding Photos from Social Media Fans Speculate
Divya Agarwal Deletes Wedding Photos from Social Media Fans Speculate

TV actress Divya Agarwal sparks speculation after deleting all wedding photos from her social media. Fans are left anxious, wondering about the reasons behind the move and the status of her marriage with husband Apurva Padgaonkar.

TV actress Divya Agarwal, known for her roles in popular shows, recently marked her three-month wedding anniversary on May 20th. However, in a surprising move, she has deleted all photos shared with her husband, Apurva Padgaonkar, from her social media accounts. This includes wedding pictures, birthday celebrations, and other shared moments.

Social Media Speculation

Divya's decision to remove all traces of her marriage from her Instagram account has sparked widespread speculation among her fans. Many are left wondering about the reasons behind this drastic step. While some speculate that it might be a simple social media cleanup, others fear that it could signify trouble in her marriage.

Fans Left Anxious

With only 83 posts remaining on Divya's Instagram after this cleanup, her fans are growing increasingly anxious. They are eager to understand the motivation behind her actions and whether there are underlying issues in her relationship with Apurva. The lack of clarity from Divya's end has only added to the confusion and concern among her followers.

No Official Statement

As of now, Divya Agarwal has not provided any explanation for her decision to delete the wedding photos. The absence of a statement from the actress has fueled further speculation and left her fans eagerly awaiting clarification.

Paparazzi Spotting Raises Eyebrows

Adding to the mystery surrounding Divya's social media cleanup, she was recently spotted outside a restaurant with her husband, Apurva Padgaonkar. The couple posed confidently for the paparazzi, seemingly unaffected by any underlying issues. This has left fans perplexed about the sudden deletion of photos from their social media accounts.

Timeline of Events

Divya Agarwal and Apoorva Padgaonkar got engaged in December 2022, with Divya sharing pictures of the engagement on her Instagram. They announced their marriage in December 2023 and tied the knot on February 20, 2024. The swift deletion of wedding photos just three months into their marriage has left fans questioning the stability of their relationship.


Divya Agarwal's decision to remove all traces of her marriage from social media has left her fans puzzled and anxious for answers. While speculation runs rampant, only time will tell the true reason behind this unexpected move. Until then, fans remain hopeful for clarity from the actress herself.