Video of Indian Soldiers’ Victory over Chinese Soldiers Goes Viral

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Video of Indian Soldiers Victory over Chinese Soldiers Goes Viral
Video of Indian Soldiers Victory over Chinese Soldiers Goes Viral

A video showcasing Indian soldiers’ victory over Chinese soldiers in a tug of war competition in Sudan under the United Nations peacekeeping mission has gone viral, sparking enthusiasm among viewers.

At a time when there are sharp reactions to a statement by Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar on the Indo-China war, a video of India's brave soldiers has surfaced. This video will fill you with enthusiasm. On one side were Indian soldiers and on the other side were Chinese soldiers. For the Chinese soldiers who often dare to do mischief on the border, this was an opportunity for a direct fight. No kind of trick or fraud could be done here. Only the one who had the strength in his arms would win. Finally the moment came when the Indian soldiers danced. Women soldiers also celebrated by dancing. Yes, the Indian soldiers brought the Chinese soldiers to the 'border' and forced them to kneel down.

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The place was Sudan, an African country. Indian and Chinese soldiers are deployed here under the United Nations peacekeeping mission. Indian Army officials have confirmed the video and said that Indian soldiers won the tug of war competition.

In the video of the tug of war, it is seen that the soldiers of India and China are holding the rope with full strength. Supporters of both sides encourage the soldiers. The sound of drums also resonates from the background. The noise keeps increasing. Many people are seen shooting this fight with mobile cameras. The pressure on the rope keeps increasing. Echoes of India-India are heard. China-China is also being heard.

The very next moment, the steely hands of the Indian warriors pull the Chinese to the border line. As soon as the Chinese soldier who was leading the charge steps on the line, the Indian team of soldiers wins and there is an atmosphere of celebration. Indian male and female soldiers jump with joy. Many Sikh soldiers are also seen who get into the mood of doing Bhangra. Millions of people have seen this video on social media. You too watch the video of the brave Indian soldiers.