India Set to Acquire Rafale M Fighter Jets: Boosting Naval Strength

Khushbu Kumari Jha
India Set to Acquire Rafale M Fighter Jets Boosting Naval Strength
India Set to Acquire Rafale M Fighter Jets Boosting Naval Strength

India is poised to acquire Rafale M fighter jets, enhancing its naval capabilities. Learn about the features of Rafale M and its significance for the Indian Navy.

India's military prowess has been a cause of concern for neighboring nations like Pakistan and China. Adding to its formidable air power with the Rafale fighter planes, India is now poised to bolster its naval strength with the acquisition of Rafale M fighter jets.

An agreement is in the pipeline between India and France for the procurement of 26 Rafale Marine Fighter Jets, valued at approximately 50,000 crores rupees. Contract negotiations are set to commence this week, marking a significant development in India's defense capabilities.

Features of Rafale M Fighter Jet:

  • Specially designed for maritime air strikes, enhancing the Indian Navy's capabilities.
  • Equipped for carrier-based operations, specifically designed for landing on aircraft carriers.
  • Foldable wings for efficient deployment and maneuvers on aircraft carriers.
  • Capable of carrying out both air-to-ground and air-to-air missions simultaneously.
  • Strong landing gear and airframe for effective operations in saltwater environments.
  • Equipped with nuclear capability, capable of thwarting nuclear attacks.

The acquisition of Rafale M fighter jets will augment India's naval power, particularly on aircraft carriers like INS Vikrant and Vikramaditya. With its advanced features tailored for maritime operations, Rafale M will play a crucial role in strengthening India's maritime security.