Rajasthan Government Mulls Uniform Dress Code for Schools

Maharanee Kumari
Rajasthan Government Mulls Uniform Dress Code for Schools
Rajasthan Government Mulls Uniform Dress Code for Schools

The Bhajanlal government in Rajasthan is considering implementing a uniform dress code across all government and private schools in the state. Get insights into the proposed changes and the state’s education policy.

The Bhajanlal government in Rajasthan is contemplating the adoption of a uniform dress code in both government and private schools across the state. State Education Minister Madan Dilawar has hinted at seeking legal counsel to evaluate the feasibility of this initiative.

Speaking in Jodhpur, Dilawar emphasized the need for a comprehensive examination of the matter before making any decisions. He affirmed the government's commitment to addressing the issue of school uniforms to ensure consistency across educational institutions.

Furthermore, Dilawar highlighted the significance of vocational education under the National Education Policy, aiming to equip students with practical skills alongside traditional academics, thereby enhancing their employability.

Tackling Teacher Shortages and English Medium Schools

Addressing the shortage of teachers in the state's education sector, Dilawar acknowledged the challenges and assured that vacant teaching positions would be filled promptly. He also mentioned the review of English medium schools, emphasizing the need to assess their impact on students' education.

Amidst discussions on environmental conservation, Dilawar urged students to participate in the Amrit Paryavaran Mahotsav by planting trees in the name of the nation. Recognizing the role of every individual, especially students, in environmental stewardship, he underscored the importance of tree plantation drives.