Health Department Issues Alert for Heatwave

S Choudhury
Health Department Issues Alert for Heatwave
Health Department Issues Alert for Heatwave

The Health Department has ordered all hospitals to be on alert regarding the heatwave, directing necessary facilities to be provided.

The Health Department has ordered all hospitals to be on alert regarding the heatwave issue. Health Department Secretary Sanjay Kumar Singh has directed all civil surgeons and DPMs to provide necessary facilities in all hospitals. In this regard, the Secretary held a meeting with all civil surgeons and DPMs through video conferencing, instructing them to keep the hospitals on alert and ensure arrangements for the treatment of heat-related illnesses are in place.

Special Focus on South Bihar

The government has a special focus on South Bihar. Hospitals in this area have been asked to remain alert 24 hours a day. Districts such as Gaya, Sheikhpura, and Nawada have been instructed to be more vigilant due to the high temperatures. Heatwaves are more prevalent in South Bihar, necessitating the arrangement of medicines, beds, and other facilities in hospitals to ensure immediate treatment for patients. The Secretary also reviewed the arrangements made in hospitals during the summer. Large government hospitals must reserve beds for heat stroke patients and make necessary arrangements in PHCs as well.

Health Department Issues Advisory

The Health Department has issued an advisory for the general public regarding the ongoing heatwave across the state. The advisory emphasizes the importance of staying hydrated, advising people to continuously drink water and carry water when going out. Besides drinking pure cold water, the public is also encouraged to consume ORS solutions. The advisory provides instructions on making ORS solutions at home, specifying the correct amounts of sugar and salt. During the scorching heat, people are advised to avoid tea, cold drinks, khaini, bidi, cigarettes, tobacco, and gutka.

Avoid Going Out After 10 AM

The Health Department has warned people to avoid stepping out of their homes after 10 AM during the intense heat. They are advised to wear light-colored cotton clothes when outside. Efforts are being made to raise awareness about the symptoms of heatwaves. People are advised to refrain from physical labor in the afternoon and to monitor the hydration and coolness of themselves, friends, family members, and pets. In case of any health problems, people are urged to immediately visit the nearest government hospital and consult a doctor.