India’s Thrilling Victory Over Pakistan: A Recap

Maharanee Kumari
India Thrilling Victory Over Pakistan A Recap
India Thrilling Victory Over Pakistan A Recap

The article delves into the thrilling victory of India over Pakistan during the T20 World Cup, showcasing the intense last-over battle that led to India’s triumph.

You may have rarely seen Sunil Gavaskar dancing on the field. But in the last T20 World Cup, we all saw how Gavaskar danced after India's victory. And that match was such, about which it can be said that neither past nor future... Now no one has seen the future. So let's not talk about it. Let's talk about that India-Pakistan match, which at one point took the breath away from the fans.

This match between India and Pakistan was played in Melbourne on 23 October 2023. Pakistan scored 159 runs for 8 wickets. In response, India scored 144 runs for 4 wickets in 19 overs. At the start of the 20th over, Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya were at the crease and the ball was in the hands of Mohammad Nawaz. Nawaz increased the pressure on the Indian team by dismissing Pandya on the very first ball. Now India needed 16 runs in 5 balls and Dinesh Karthik had replaced Pandya at the strike end.

Dinesh Karthik took a run as soon as he came and the responsibility fell on Virat Kohli. Virat took 2 runs on the third ball of the over. In this way, India now needed 13 runs from the last 3 balls. That means at least two boundaries were needed in 3 balls, which should include a six. The heartbeats of the fans had gone out of control. Sunil Gavaskar and Irfan Pathan had left the commentary and had come close to the boundary line.

Virat Kohli hit a six on the fourth ball of the over. The ball was above waist height and hence was declared a no ball. This means India got 7 runs on one ball. Now India needed 6 runs on 3 balls, which included a free hit. Meanwhile, Nawaz made India's job a little easier by throwing a wide ball.

Now India needed 5 runs from 3 balls including a free hit. When it seemed that India was very close to victory, then an amazing scene was seen on a free hit ball. Virat got clean bowled on this free hit ball of Nawaz. There was no question of getting out as it was a free hit. After hitting the stumps, the ball went towards third man and Virat and Dinesh Karthik took advantage of this and ran 3 bye runs.

Now two runs were needed from two balls and Dinesh Karthik was on the strike end, who had shown his skills many times in the role of finisher. But this time DK missed. He missed and in a way trapped the Indian team. He got out on the fifth ball of the 20th over. Mohammad Rizwan stumped Karthik on Nawaz's ball going outside the leg stump.

Now India needed two runs to win from two balls. Ravichandran Ashwin had replaced Karthik at the strike end. Kohli and Ashwin talked after the ball was bowled. Perhaps Kohli gave Ashwin tips that he should not panic because even if one run was scored, the match would be tied. Ashwin made room as soon as Nawaz came in the run-up so that he could play a shot on the off side. Nawaz also changed his plan probably due to this and threw the ball outside the leg stump. Now it was Ashwin's turn to be smart. He quickly came on the line of the stumps and thus India got a wide. Now the score was equal. India could not lose. This increased Ashwin's confidence and he scored the winning run by playing the last ball of the match over mid-off.

In this way, India defeated Pakistan on the last ball. The thrill of the last over was such that 2 wickets fell in it. Catches and stumpings were seen. Virat was also bowled (free hit), however, he was not out. Indian batsmen ran one run, two runs and three runs and also hit a six. The last ball also crossed the boundary. However, before that Virat-Ashwin scored the winning run. This thrill of the last over forced Sunil Gavaskar to dance and celebrate on the field.