KK Pathak's Leave Approved Amidst School Timing Dispute

S Choudhury
KK Pathak Leave Approved Amidst School Timing Dispute
KK Pathak Leave Approved Amidst School Timing Dispute

Big news regarding KK Pathak, Additional Chief Secretary of Bihar Education Department, as his leave gets approved amidst school timing dispute.

Big news is emerging regarding KK Pathak, Additional Chief Secretary of the Bihar Education Department. KK Pathak's request for leave has been approved. Pathak, who serves as the Additional Chief Secretary in the Education Department of the Bihar Government, had applied for leave, which has now been accepted. Chief Minister's Principal Secretary, S Siddharth, has taken over the charge of Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department in Pathak's absence. KK Pathak will be on earned leave from June 3 to June 30.

It is noteworthy that Pathak had applied for a long leave, and News18 had previously reported on this development, which has now been confirmed. An official letter has been issued in this regard. His sudden decision to take leave is being linked to the recent controversy over school timings and teacher leave policies. Recently, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had ordered the complete closure of schools in Bihar until June 8. However, Pathak had amended the order, requiring teachers to remain on duty. Sources indicate that CM Nitish Kumar is very displeased with Pathak over this issue. Amidst this tension, Pathak applied for earned leave.

Additionally, on May 31, Kanhaiya Prasad Srivastava, the Director of Secondary Education, was set to retire. Despite Pathak's recommendation, the government did not extend Srivastava's tenure. Srivastava is considered a significant ally of Pathak, and the lack of an extension might have influenced Pathak's decision. Pathak's sudden long leave has sparked speculation about whether he will return to the education department or if the government plans to reassign him.

On May 29, in response to the extreme heat in Bihar, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar ordered the closure of government schools. Chief Secretary Brajesh Mehrotra issued the directive. However, amendments were later made to this order, applying it only to students, while teachers were still required to attend school. This amendment has been a point of contention and is seen as a contributing factor to the current situation involving KK Pathak.